My Culture Project

By: Jacob Wheeler


Every year, me and my family celebrate the usual traditions that everyone else does. We celebrate Valentine's day, St. Patricks day, Fourth of july, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. The most important holidays for my family are Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve/morning. When its time for thanksgiving, me and my family head over to my grandma's who lives in Appleton, WI. When we get there, usually everyone comes and helps with preparing for the big meal. We all sit down together, hold hands before eating, and then we each have to give thanks including the young kids. After finishing the meal, every year we decide on which family children gets to pull the wishbone. Whoever gets the biggest side, that person gets to have the first slice of Pie.

In my family we don't do a lot of custom things unless it comes to certain times. We always hand out cards depending what holiday it is, and we also give out a lot of get well cards as well considering most of my relatives have allergies and get sick easily.


My family has lots of value including outside of the house. In my house Honesty and being polite is a big thing for us. We also love Sports of all kinds, mostly football and Baseball. Every Friday and sometimes Saturdays we get together as a family and bond by playing board games or hanging out at somewhere fun. Education is also one of the biggest things in my family for my parents have graduated from college and earned associates and bachelors degree. My second older brother graduated from college Last year and he is now a paramedic down in SC. Other things that we do are care for our dogs.


My family is Methodist and Christian. All of my family was baptized when we were young. we go to church occasionally at multiple places on Sundays. At home we always give grace before we eat and me and my sister have to pray a couple times a week to get forgiveness or to say thanks depending for your week was going.

On my mothers side of the family, My great great great great great grandma came from Ireland from way back, so my mom's side including me was irish. My mom is also german because of my grandpa's side was german but my mom never really celebrated much of his holidays nor do we celebrate and irish traditions.


one of my family really likes as a hobby, is Music. We don't like any particular music but we like to play all different kinds of instruments. We also like to read at home all different ways like in a tree or some goofy peaceful spot. My family are not artists however except for my oldest sister Shaina. She is a really good face drawer and loved to try to paint a photo that was takin'. Later she sold some of her pieces to earn extra cash.


My family is a big hunting family except for my moms side. I gone once my self but I didn't get anything. My real dad on the other hand catches all different kinds of animals. We take hunting as a hobby or something to relax and enjoy with. We also love to travel for we have been too 11 different states. including recently we went to York for two weeks and a half. In August.