The planet of water and ice by Sarah Caselli

Meet Zora

As of 2015, Zora is known to be the newest, coldest and biggest planet in our solar system.

Design a Planet

Star Type: Red Giant

Orbit: 2.3

Planet Mass: 324

Volcanoes: No

Plate Movement: Yes

Liquid Water: Yes

Producers: No


The seasons on Zora are always the same. It is winter all year long because the axis tilt is always facing east.


Zora has 2 moons. The moons produce light and energy to Zora. The moon continuously orbits Zora. The tides are always spring tides because of the 2 moon's gravitational pull.

Planet Mass

Zora is the biggest planet in the solar system because it's planet mass is 324. Jupiter is the second largest in the solar system, it's planet mass is 318. The more mass the planet has the higher the gravity.

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