Monday News and Notes

March 23, 2015

Week at a Glance!

Great news arrived for Carol! Her course of treatment is positive and she has been given a 94% cure rate:) A big thank you to the AIS math staff for their help and support with March Mathness. Dorothy has gone above and beyond and even woke up bright and early Sunday morning to call into WGY radio to promote the evening.

Thanks so much to Brita and the PD committee. The day was informative and uplifting! Dr. "Bird's" message was one we all needed to be reminded of and one we should strive for each and every day. I will be out of the district on Monday and Tuesday. Please call Lin, Mike or Brita for immediate help.


  • Galway Scholars 2:30-4:30-Please walk your students to the enrichment rooms and let the instructor know who is absent


  • Open Gymnastics with Mark and Paula -evening program


  • Martell Post Observation


  • March Mathness-Thank you to everyone that has signed up to help with the evening activities. Please be sure to get dinner beginning at 4:30.
  • BOE meeting at 6:30


  • TGIF