Bicycle Safety

Prepare your bike!

  • Inspect the bike, check the brakes and the tires.
  • Make sure your bicycle fits you properly. Sometimes the seat can be too high or too low for your height.
  • If you have to ride at night, make sure your bike has reflectors. (White lights on the front of the bike, and red lights on the back.)
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Make sure you are ready!

  • Before you ride, make sure you can balance the bike while you are in motion so you don't fall over.
  • Wear a good fitted helmet to ensure your head doesn't get heavily damaged in a crash.
  • Try to wear highly visible clothing, perhaps something that reflects light.
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Safety tips!

  • Place at least one hand on the handle bars.
  • Avoid objects on the road.
  • Try to not ride at night.
  • Ride along with traffic, obey traffic laws.
  • Be sure to signal your moves.
  • Be aware of your surroundings.

Continued tips!