ZHS Weekly Update

August 9, 2020

Zephyrhills High School is the home of the Bulldogs!

The mission of Zephyrhills High School is to prepare students to become productive, responsible citizens and lifelong learners.

Our vision is that all of our students achieve success in college, career, and life.

Our theme for the 2020-2021 school year is Next Level!

August 9, 2020

Principal's Message

Hello Bulldog families! Welcome to the 20-21 school year! I have missed our students, their families, and school environment! I speak for myself and the ZHS admin team when I say we will continue to partner with you as we navigate all the changes and unknowns of the upcoming school year.

You will notice that the Weekly Update has a new format (which should be easier to navigate) and an updated style. Please take the time to read this in its entirely. I have tried to capture all of the questions and topics and things you need to know.

I love being part of the Bulldog community and want your student's high school experiences to reflect growth, change, leadership opportunities, and love of learning. Please know there is a lot of behind the scenes work going on to re-open school. Your ZHS admin team and staff will partner with you to make this a great year!

--Dr. Christina Stanley

Updated Bell Schedule for 20-21

Due to the delayed start of school, we have had to adjust our bell schedule. Please see our updated start/end times.

  • There will be NO early release days during 1st semester.
  • There will be NO activities held with 50 or more students during 1st quarter (i.e. pep rally, dance, large club event).

1st Period 7:20 – 8:18

2nd Period 8:23 – 9:16

Academic Period 9:21 – 9:41

3rd Period 9:46 – 10:39

Lunch A 10:39 – 11:09

Period 4A 11:14 – 12:07

Period 4B 10:44 – 11:37

Lunch B 11:37 – 12:07

5th Period 12:12 – 1:05

6th Period 1:10 – 2:04

Student Volunteer Opportunity 8/10-8/14, 2020

*Junior and Senior ZHS students wanting to complete volunteer hours by serving in the ZHS Media Center the week of August 10 can RSVP here https://zhs.pasco.k12.fl.us/mform/view.php?id=35181. Spaces are limited to the first 15 students to RSVP for each day.

*You will be sorting textbooks, cleaning and sorting computers, and assisting Mr. Mullins.

*Masks are required at all times. Transportation is not provided.

8/13: Event for Incoming 9th Grade Students & Any Students New to ZHS

On August 13, 2020, all 9th grade students and students new to Zephyrhills High School are invited to visit campus.

*Please note that we are dividing the alphabet to maintain social distancing protocols. Your timeframe is listed below by the first letter of your last name. You must RSVP by clicking the link below!

*Each student will be allowed to bring one adult with them to this event and everyone will be required to wear a mask/face barrier. Please arrive at your designated time, check in at the tables, and proceed to your assigned room given upon check in. This event will last approximately 90 minutes.

*In addition, please make sure to have a QR code reader app available on a cell phone.

Date: August 13, 2020


  • 8:00am - Students with last names that begin with A-G
  • 10:00am– Students with last names that begin with H-M
  • 12:30pm – Students with last names that begin with N-S
  • 2:30pm – Students with last names that begin with T-Z

*Due to construction, please park in the bus loop or the gym parking lot only*

RSVP here: https://zhs.pasco.k12.fl.us/mform/view.php?id=33570

(Our returning 10th -12th grade students will be able to view video introductions of their teachers on Canvas and will not come to campus on August 13th.)

ZHS Virtual Open House/Meet the Teacher 8/19

ZHS’s Orientation Day for students in Traditional and MySchool Online settings will be VIRTUAL this year! This means no lines & no wait at the school site!

*All students and families will be able to access their schedules through their MyStudent accounts beginning August 14, 2020.

*You will also be able to pay all fees online through Rycor! All fees including parking, lockers, class fees, Grade Fees, and PE lockers can be paid online.

*Students will be assigned school lockers & parking spots during the first two weeks of school via lunches. Students will be assigned PE lockers through their PE classes. Need a locker? Reserve one here: https://zhs.pasco.k12.fl.us/mform/view.php?id=36069

You will need an active MyStudent parent portal account to be able to participate.

1. Navigate to Pasco County Schools website at www.pasco.k12.fl.us

2. Click on the Parents tab.

3. Under Parent Links/Academic, click on CheckGrades/Attendance.

4. Click the yellow link to create a new Parent Portal.

5. Be sure to complete this process by 5:00pm on August 12, 2020 to be able to participate in Virtual Orientation Day.

Senior Pictures with Leonard's on August 18!

Seniors, Make Your Appointment TODAY!

You will be able to get your Senior Photos taken on campus on Tuesday, August 18th by appointment only with Leonard's!

*The sitting fee is $15.

*You MUST have an appointment, as walk-ups will not be allowed.

*Seniors may be accompanied by ONE parent to the photo shoot.

*Everyone is required to wear a mask at all times (unless otherwise directed to remove it during the photo shoot). Social distancing guidelines will be followed.

Make your appointment here: https://new.leonards.com/login.aspx?LF=SchedulingSenior&ReturnUrl=%2fscheduling%2fstartpage.aspx%3fs%3d1&s=1

ZHS MySchoolOnline Pick-Up Day for Devices and Textbooks 8/20

Pick up day for MySchoolOnline student devices and textbooks is 8/20 from 12-4 p.m. in the ZHS gym parking lot.

  • 12:00 pm - Students with last names that begin with A-G
  • 1:00 pm– Students with last names that begin with H-M
  • 2:00 pm – Students with last names that begin with N-S
  • 3:00pm – Students with last names that begin with T-Z

*Please RSVP here: https://zhs.pasco.k12.fl.us/mform/view.php?id=34253

Student Parking Passes 20-21

1. You must purchase a 20-21 student parking pass online when you pay your fees.

2. All parking passes will be processed and distributed during student lunches in the commons during the first two weeks of school. Please do not go to Student Services.

3. You must have copies of your driver's license, current registration, and current proof of insurance to receive your parking pass during lunches.

4. All students, including students who drove last year, must purchase a new parking pass each year and provide updated vehicle information. Parking passes are only good for the school year.

**Students who drive will be permitted to drive and park without a pass for the first week of school.**

Recommended Supply List 20-21

*The following suggested supply list is a recommendation list only. Your student’s teachers will provide a syllabus during the first week of school that will contain specific items/needs for your student’s classes.*

Suggested Student Supply List:

· 1 backpack (or rolling bag) that can be washed

· 1 Clear Cover Three-ring Binder (2” or 3” suggested)

· Tab/index dividers with folder pockets that fit into a three-ring binder (2 packages suggested)

· Yellow #2 or mechanical pencils

· Pens with blue or black ink

· Ruler (with standard and metric measurements)

· College-ruled loose-leaf notebook paper (4 packages suggested)

· 3 to 5 spiral (or bound) notebooks with perforated pages (college-ruled, 70-page suggested)

· 2 to 5 composition-style notebooks

· Post-it Notes (tab and 3x3 sizes suggested)

· 3 to 5 Highlighters

· 1 set of 3x5 (or 4x6) index cards (spiral-bound suggested)

· 1 set of colored pencils and/or washable markers

· 1 set of dry erase markers

· Pencil pouch

· Glue stick, tape

· Calculator (10-digit scientific calculator suggested)

· Earbuds (for use when testing or during some assigned computer work)

Suggested Student Individual COVID Supplies:

· Mask (required)

  • It may be beneficial for your student have a second Mask in their bag or pocket in case his/her mask becomes contaminated or dirty.

· Individual hand sanitizer

· Individual tissues/Kleenex

· 1 box of Band-Aids (multiple sizes)

Masks Required

*Our school district requires that all students, staff, and visitors wear masks or face coverings when on a school campus, school bus, or other school district property this fall.

*Accommodations will be made for students or staff who have a medical condition that would prevent them from wearing a mask/face covering. Please contact your student's grade level administrator for more information.

Arrival to School in the Morning

Our mornings at ZHS this year will look a bit different.
  • Upon arrival from a car or bus, students must head directly to get their breakfast from the nearest mobile cart or cafeteria line and then to their 1st period class to eat.
  • Students who do not eat breakfast at school will be expected to go directly to their 1st period class as soon as they arrive on campus.
  • There will be no gathering in the commons, hallways, courtyard, or inside and outside of the cafeteria.

Student and Staff Hallway Guidelines

Go With the Flow and Stay to Your Right!

  • The flow of traffic in the hallways is going to flow just like traffic in the streets. You will always stay to your right.
  • It is important that you think before you walk and focus that you are remaining on the right side at all times.

Social distancing will be expected at all times.

Students and staff are expected to follow the signage on all doors and in all hallways.

Classroom Expectations

  • Each student and staff member will help keep ZHS as clean as possible. Inside the classrooms, teachers will have a procedure for the beginning and end of class, as well as a cleaning station with materials.
  • Students will have assigned seats in each classroom and are expected to sit in their assigned seat every day.
  • Students and teachers will utilize a sign in sheet when inside a classroom or area that is not covered by a seating chart.
  • Mask breaks will be permitted by teachers and will be reviewed in class during the first week of school.

Cafeteria Expectations

Serving lines:

  • Multiple carts and lines will be available for student use.
  • Q-tips will be provided so students do not need to touch the keypad to input their number.
  • Social distancing guidelines will be followed.

  • Students will be permitted to eat inside the cafeteria and in the commons. Some teachers will allow students to eat in their classrooms (utilizing the sign in sheet) and will assign seating.
  • Seats will be marked in the cafeteria to encourage proper distance. If students choose to eat in the commons, it is expected that they maintain 6ft of social distancing.
  • All students will be required to be seated if eating. No one is permitted to be standing up or walking when eating their food or snacks. When students are moving, walking, or standing anywhere, students must have their masks on.

Free/Reduced Lunch Information

The Free and Reduced Meal Application for the 2020-2021 school year is now available online at https://www.myschoolapps.com/Application.

If you are unsure if you qualify, you can also review the income eligibility guidelines on the Pasco County Schools website https://connectplus.pasco.k12.fl.us/do/fns/.

Want more information on the reopening of ZHS and Pasco County Schools?

Click here for the ZHS reopening document found on the ZHS website:


This document will continue to be edited and updated as new guidelines are released.

Click here for the Pasco County Schools Re-Opening Website:


20-21 Dual Enrollment Information

The electronic Dual Enrollment registration process for the Fall 2020 Semester begins on

  • Monday August 10th for seniors
  • Tuesday August 11th for juniors
  • Wednesday August 12th for sophomores
  • The registration window is open until August 23rd.
  • Registration is required for students taking any Dual Enrollment college classes with ZHS or with PHSC. Students must let their counselor know what classes they chose via email as soon as they finish the upcoming electronic registration process to ensure their choices fit with their ZHS schedule.

First time Dual Enrollment students must complete the New Student Orientation Course and ALL students need to complete the Online Orientation course found in their PHSC WISE account.

If any students have not already completed their PHSC Application or their electronic Dual Enrollment Request Form using the Dynamic Form system, then they still need to follow the steps on PHSC's Dual Enrollment website for Public school students before they will be allowed to register for classes, including English Comp 1 on the ZHS campus.

Skip Step 2 but follow all other steps and once everything has been approved, the student will be able to register for Dual Enrollment classes at their assigned registration time. If you have any questions, please call 813-794-6100 and ask for Mrs. Yonkof or email her directly at jingerso@pasco.k12.fl.us.

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ZHS School Advisory Council (SAC)

What is a School Advisory Council?

  • The school Advisory Council is the means for community and parent involvement in and support of the schools.
  • The School Advisory Council is composed of the principal, teachers, school staff, parents, business and community representatives, and secondary students.

How can I become a SAC member?

  • Elected members of the School Advisory Council include teachers, educational support personnel, parents, and secondary students.
  • Members are also appointed to the council by the principal to represent business and the community.
  • Students serve as SAC members for a one year term.
  • A chairperson is elected annually by the SAC membership.

Any parent, community business member, teacher, or student interested in serving on our SAC committee for the 2020-2021 school year should contact Mrs. McCafferty at (813) 794-6102.

This is a great way to get involved and stay connected to your Bulldog family.

To complete a yearly volunteer application, please visit: http://www.pasco.k12.fl.us/comm/volunteer/

SAC Meetings are held on the 1st Wednesday of each month at 7:45 a.m.
Scheduled dates for the 2020 – 2021 SAC meetings:

  • September 2
  • October 7
  • November 4
  • December 2
  • January 6
  • February 3
  • March 3
  • April 7
  • May 5