<><>Security cameras in school<><>

Is having security cameras in school a good idea?

___Having security cameras in schools___

I think having security cameras should be in schools.

Here's my point of view. There should be cameras in schools because then you can see everything that is happening. But the cameras should only be in hallways and classrooms, but not bathrooms or other private rooms where you're not meant to be watched.


The pro of this is that you can see when kids are doing bad things, badly hurt when nobody is around, or if there's a strange person walking around. According to a superintendent Carol Smith, "Using new video monitors, school staff will be able too see who is entering and exiting main doors. Other school doors will be locked at all times." With security cameras you can see everything that's happening. Example, graffiti, vandalism, theft, and even kidnapping.


Some people don't like the idea of security cameras, they say it invades privacy. They are right sometimes. Security cameras can record people doing embarrassing things but it's for their own safety. "We like to think we have some privacy in our lives, that we can go places that we don't necessarily want the government to know about," said Jennifer Lynch.

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Security cameras can be very expensive, but if it's for keeping hundreds of people safe it's worth it.

So, yes I'm saying having security cameras in school is a great idea.

Nothing about my thought of having cameras in schools has changed, but after reading this has your opinion changed about security cameras?

Security Cameras in our School