Pays de la Loire

by Kristin Raybon


  • Plains, forests in the east, soil is known for being good for growing fruits.
  • Hot summers and cold winters
  • Department Mayenne has highest point of northwest France, Mont des Avaloirs at 1350 ft.
  • Has marshes that attract unusual birds
  • Scattered lakes
  • Troglodyte caves
  • The Loire river is the longest river in France


  • Agriculturally centered
  • Raising cattle and dairy production
  • Iron and uranium mines
  • Atlantic coast supplies fishing business
  • Common to raise ducks


  • Birthplace of Eleanor of Aquitaine ---> her son was Richard I of England (the Lionhearted)
  • Anjou and Henry II
  • Henri Plantagenet
  • MANY wars/battles took place here, primarily from the medieval to French revolution


  • Large variety and number of castles
  • Many country farms
  • Greatly influenced by the tourism that is brought by their many castles
  • Hot ballooning is popular



  • one of most known and popular manor house
  • is a a mix of Italian and French architecture
  • initially created as a hunting lodge
  • 440 rooms and 84 staircases

Chateau of Chenonceaux

  • Lady's Castle

Castle of Angers

  • built in early 13th century
  • it has a moat and bridge!
  • inside is a tapestry museum with some very large and famous tapestries


  • City of la Fleche has one of the oldest zoos in France and covers 30 acres
  • Fishing is popular in the many lakes and rivers
  • Bike route along coast
  • Sea side resorts in la Baule and la Croisic
  • La Mans holds annual motor race
  • City of Laval has a 85 km towpath for cyclists and hikers
  • And of course the castles!