It makes you have a risk for a heart attack

What happens when you smoke.

When you smoke it cause you blood flow to no get where it needs to go. also it cause you to have a risk of a heart attack and a stroke. Also you lungs will get the disease emphysema. This is what it looks like compared to a healthy one.

What you can smoke and then what you look like.

The different things you can smoke are tobacco, cigarettes, and cigars but when you do your teeth turn yellow and when you in your third eds you will look like you 50. Also when your cold your body will take for every for you to get warm.


When you smoke you get a heart attack then you can't run a lot you can't do any thing without getting out of breath. Also your tiered all the time so you don't do anything anymore and then you become fat. one way to bra vent this is to not smoke.

What your breathing in.

When you smoke your breathing in over 500 chemicals. You breath in Acetone used in nail polish remover, Cresol used in making bombs, Cyanide used in making chemical weapons, and finally Formaldehyde a drug used to preserve a died body.

What you can get if you smoke

If you smoke you make you self venerable to get all kinds of disease. like Atherosclerosis, Emphysema and you can get bronchitis. You can also have your circulation move slower and you heart rate will rise with you blood pressure.


When you smoke you become tried more easily, you want to sleep all the time. you want to smoke like every hour in the day. When you smoke you breathing this drug called nicotine. this hurts you wallet because you by over 50 boxes of cigars a month. which could cast you 500 dollars a month.
What Happens When You Start Smoking

do you think this is right.

Would you like to have you baby smoking? His father says that his son is perfectly health.
Indonesian baby on 40 cigarettes a day