By Jalen Williams

Country basics

The country that I was researching was Italy.

The capital of Italy is Rome.

The meaning behind the Italian flag is in 1797 Napoleon brought the Italian flag to Italy. The colors are from those of Milan(red and white) combined with the green uniform color of the Milan civic guard.


The location of Italy is it is south of Switzerland, southwest of Austria, west of Croatia, and Slovenia, and east of France.

Two major LANDFORMS in Italy are Mount. Alp and Mount. Apennines.

Two major LANDMARKS in Italy are the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the Roman Coliseum.

Some major bodies of water in Italy are the Tyrrhenian Sea, Adriatic Sea, and the Ionian Sea.

The geography in Italy affects the the citizens life because since it is so sunny and its lack of rain makes it perfect for tourist and attractions.


Italy has a republic country which means they have a limited government.

Italy's leader/president is Sergio Mattarella.

The leaders in Italy are chosen by a election/voting.

The citizens of Italy are expected to follow the laws, and(voting wise) are given two cards to decide who to elect.


Italy is a very rich country.

In 2014 Italy had just about 2.148 trillion dollars.

Machines are Italy's main/important export.

Italy's life expectancy is for male's just about 79.48 years ands for females just about 82.12 years. Italy's birth rate is 8.74 births/1000 population. Italy's literacy rate is for males just about 99.4%, and for females just about 99%. Italy's drinking water source has improved 100% and unimproved by 0%.


Italy does have a "traditional and modern clothing" because of all their religions and cultures.

The major language in Italy is of course Italian.

Two of Italy's most major holidays are January 1st(New Year's Day) and December 25(Christmas Day).

Italy's main religion is Roman Catholic and they believe in the resurrection of Jesus.

The most common food found in Italy is pasta.


The weather conditions are mostly predominantly mediterranean.

Italy's average rainfall is just about 50 cm(20 in) per year.

Italy's yearly average temperature varies from 11°C-19°C(52°F-66°F)

Because of the Alps mountain range a lot of Italy(especially the southeast part of Italy) does not get a lot of harsh climates.


In 46 B.C. the capital of Italy(Rome) formed an empire and had control over most of the discovered world. This affected not just Italy but the whole world. In 1915 italy entered World War l on the side of the allies. This made Italy more commonly popular because the Allies ended up winning the war.

Compare and Contrast

Since immigrants come to the United States from all over the world, some of the U.S. can understand/speak Italian, also most of the U.S. and Italy speak spanish. Some American and Italian foods combine to create some of its own food.

Arts and music in Italy are some similar cultures yet food and architecture are some different cultures in Italy.