by: veronica lopez

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Bullying is a big problem in our society. It can cause lead some people to suicide due to all the harm that they’ve gone trough. Bullying is a repetitive behavior that involves aggression. The kid that is being abused and the abuser have a big and serious problem that could last a while. Threatening, attacking someone verbally or physically, spreading rumors, or excluding someone from a group because they don’t like how they dress or how they act are all parts that are involved in bullying. In bullying there’s three types. One is verbal bullying. In this type of bullying name calling and teasing is where happens. Verbal bullying can affect the people that are being bullied to have a low self-esteem on their image. The second one is physical bullying. In this type of bullying the people that are being bullied may show bruises in their bodies. In physical bullying hitting, pushing, spitting are involved. Although breaking or taking the abused person’s stuff and doing mean gestures with their hands and showing them to the abused kid are still considered being physical bullying. Even though that it doesn’t involve any bruises. The last type of bullying is social bullying. This type of bullying is when a person’s reputation is being put on the line. Meaning that they’re hurting their reputation or relationships. Spreading rumors that aren’t true, embarrassing some one in public or leaving out someone on purpose all fall under this type of bullying.
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In the website BullyingStatistics.org say's "About 42 percent of kids have been bullied while online with one in four being verbally attacked more than once. As these bullying statistics indicate, bullying is just getting worse in American schools. Many studies have shown that increasing domestic violence at home are leading to an increase in bullying online and at school."

In the website StopBullying.gov say's "Bullying can make a child feel helpless. Kids may want to handle it on their own to feel in control again. They may fear being seen as weak or tattletale. Kids may fear backflash from the kid who bullied them." This statistics were posted on 2012 and they explain why some kids prefer not to tell an adult.