By : Azra Imeri

What is Invisibility

Invisibility is when someone or something isn't noticed or ignored. It's something that happens often and not enough people try to stop it. If the world paid more attention to things around them, than the world could be a better place.


Homelessness -

  • In the article "Homeless Children," it talks about how their are 2.5 million people in the U.S that are homeless.
  • (Homeless children 1).
  • In the text it states " 1.1 million school children do not have a fixed address." This means that many people can't afford to have one home, so they are constantly moving trying to find a home they can afford.
  • (Homeless children 2).
  • Obviously people aren't caring enough to stop the problem since the number of homeless people has been increasing since 2010.
  • (News ela 2).

Homelessness Continued -

  • Homelessness happens when others can't afford their home, or grew up homeless, or got kicked out of their home, etc.
  • People today don't notice that others are living on the streets, or they do notice but don't decide to do anything.
  • The ignorance of others affects the homeless because in the text it states "They are a group at great risk."
  • (Homeless children 3).
  • It's your time to HELP!

Illegal Immigrants

Illegal Immigrants -

  • Illegal Immigrants are people that come and stay in America that don't have a valid permit to stay their.
  • In the book "The Circuit" by Francisco Jimenez it talks about a family who happen to be illegal immigrants. They try to get jobs on farms to make a living, and are constantly moving to not get caught by the police.
  • "Yes, it was that time of year. When I opened the front door to the shack, I stopped. Everything we owned was neatly packed in cardboard boxes." (Francisco Jimenez 66)
  • This indicates that the family in this story is right about to move to a new home again. This means they don't have one place they can call home.

Illegal Immigrants Continued -

  • "We have work! Mr. Sullivan said we can stay there the whole season, she said, gasping and pointing to an old garage near the stables."(Francisco Jimenez 68)
  • This means that the family is happy about getting work for a whole season, and they think it will be enough to help them survive.
  • They are happy because without work they would be homeless, not that they have a nice "home."
  • "I thought they were happy to see me, but when I opened the door to our shack, I saw that everything we owned was neatly packed in cardboard boxes." (Francisco Jimenez 71)
  • After a long nice season of working, and making only $15, It was time for the family to leave and find new work somewhere else.
  • "Here comes the school bus, he whispered loudly in alarm. Roberto and I ran and his in the vineyards. We did not want to get in trouble for not going to school." (Francisco Jimenez 69)
  • Can't afford to go to school and are trying to stay hidden from everyone including the police.

Invisible People

Invisible People -

  • Not people who you can't see, but people who are ignored, or not noticed. Sometimes chosen to be invisible.
  • In the book "Things not seen" by Andrew Clements it discusses how a boy turns "invisible", and meets a blind girl who feels invisible.
  • "I can't see myself! You can't see me. I can't be seen-like, I'm invisible!" (Andrew Clements 3)
  • Bobby and Alicia bonded over the fact that they both felt blind, and it helped them, and each other as friends get along so well.

Invisible People Continued -

  • "That guy didn't see you, and I know you were there. I waved your arm right in his face, and he didn't see a thing." (Andrew Clements 97)
  • This proves invisibility because even though Bobby "really" is invisible, it was hard for Alicia to believe he is really there.
  • In real life you know that person is there and you choose to make them feel invisible, or act like they are invisible.
  • "The smiles and handclasps are so strong, so real, and warm." (Andrew Clements 184)
  • This is referring to the fact that Alicia has never been noticed before because she was invisible for her blindness.
  • Alicia finally feels good about herself because she got to open up to someone besides Bobby. Someone that could actually help her.
  • This made Alicia feel visible again, and if you relate it to real life, it doesn't matter how big, or small your doing is. It only matters that you did it and you made someone truly grateful.

Invisible populations

Tuesday, July 14th, 1-5pm

New Fairfield, CT, United States

New Fairfield, CT

This is mostly for Adults. It's to participate in helping us as humans realize that their are homeless, and invisible people that no one decides to help. Please Take a moment of your day to help. Let's make a change!


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