Life Hack 2 Day Workshop

find YOUR extraordinary


Many of us don't actually know why we were put on the planet and we spend a lot of time doing things we thought we were meant to be doing only to get to a point in life where we think "Is this it?" or "Surely there is more?"

Everyone has a dream or something they'd love to do or a vision they've had since they were young or something that really lights them up.

So why don't we follow them?

In this 2 DAY Life Hack Workshop you will learn exactly what your purpose is and why it's uniquely yours. Not only will you be made aware of what your purpose is you will know how to bring it to life which will bring about a whole new sense of freedom and fulfillment.


Would you love to be discover the REAL you?

Do you want to learn what's stopping you from moving forward?

Do you want to learn how to overcome your challenges?

Are you ready to find your true calling and expand on your vision?

Does living a life you didn't know existed sound like fun?

Book now by emailing or give me a call on 0432 735 385 if you would like to find out more.


* Getting grounded and connected

* Actions based on love & fear

* Your mission statement

* Know your values and why they affect your decisions

* Self Confidence

* Passion & Purpose

* Daily Habits

* Troubleshooting your tough days

Ps - There is a 100% money back guarantee so what have you got to lose? If you didn't learn at least one thing or laugh at least once you can ask for the whole lot back.



16th & 17th October 2014


Inner City Location TBC


9AM - 6PM Both Days


If you register tonight you can reserve your place for $897.

What else?

2 x free 1 hour coaching session with me valued at $300 (if you register tonight)



" I attended the InsideOut workshop conducted because I felt there were a few gaps in my life and I was hoping to fill them. The workshop was fantastic, the lessons learned were invaluable and all the facilitators and attendees were the nicest of people and incredibly like-minded.

I cannot speak highly enough of InsideOut and I continue to attend their events and will definitely do another workshop in the near future. I highly recommend attending the workshop with an open mind, I walked away with brighter prospects and a sense of invincibility."


" I was so happy that I participated in the InsideOut workshop.

It was lovely to spend time with a bunch of such diverse, open and welcoming people, and the content was super interesting. I was engaged from beginning to end...the workshop definitely exceeded my expectations and I’ll definitely do it again."

With Gratitude,
Campbell Butterss

Founder - InsideOut