Where does a tapeworm live?

Tapeworms are parasites that live in a humans digestive track. A tapeworm can be found in a human anywhere around the world.

How does a tapeworm feed?

A tapeworm obtains all nutrients from the digestive system of its host.

How does a tapeworm reproduce?

A tapeworm can reproduce both asexually and sexually. Mature proglottids contain both male and female reproductive organs

How do tapeworms choose their hosts?

Tape worms enter there host's through openings in the body, (i.e ears, eyes, mouth, nose), usually while swimming in dirty or tapeworm infested waters.

Adaptations of a tapeworm while living in a human?

Tapeworms have a lot of a adaptations including; tapeworms have suckers and stickers to grip the wall of the digestive track. Another adaptation is that each tapeworm has bothe male and female reproductive organs so it can reproduce without a male.

The size of baby and adult tapeworms?

A baby tapeworm is usually about 6 inches long and an adult tapeworm can get up to about 9 meters long!

Interesting facts

There are several common species of tapeworms that can cause infections in humans. Some species include the pork tapeworm, the beef tapeworm, the dwarf tapeworm, and the fish tapeworm. A tapeworm can live for up to 20 years.