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A Note From Your Teachers

Science: Hello! We have had a strong start to the school year, and it’s been so great to have students back in the building this week! In science we are familiarizing ourselves with the class, classroom, peers, and online Schoology course. I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting and getting to know all of our new Champions, and can’t wait to get to know everyone more.

ELA: The first week was so exciting, and I’m already enjoying getting to read the writing of our new Champions. I’m so happy to hear laughter back in our halls! This first full week of school we will be doing a lot of relationship building and foundation building for our year. On Wednesday the 16th, ELA curriculum will begin to be more prominent in our lessons. I can’t wait to see what our students come up with!

Social Studies:The wait has finally come to an end! After an extended summer it is a joy to finally have students back in the classroom as well as virtual. This week in social studies we focused on getting to know each other by creating a video introduction using Flipgrid and a virtual one pager. This allowed students to share a little bit about themselves as we enter into a semester in which flexibility and relationships will be of the utmost importance.

Math: In 8th grade Math this week, we focused on getting to know each other as well as began to set up our math notebooks. Our first unit will be Real Numbers.

In Algebra 1 this week, we focused on getting to know each other as well as expectations for the course. We will begin with an Algebra Basics Review and then dive in to our first unit: Multistep Equations and Inequalities.

Reading: It's been so fantastic having students back in the building again, and hearing chatter in the hallway! This week, we really just focused on getting to know each other. Students created a Getting to Know You one pager, and we will be sharing those in class next week. Building our classroom community and relationships is our focus for the first weeks of school. Next week, our focus will shift to reading expectations for the year, and our first unit, elements of literature.

PH Online Life Education Notes from Dr. Wiese

Over the course of our first week, we have been learning what Park Hill Online looks like, how to schedule our time, and who our at home learners are. My biggest goals for this Life Education group is to support them in being successful online learners and also to help them be a true part of our team from their own homes.

I will be checking in with each online learner as we go through the coming weeks. That being said, it is so much harder to get a sense of how he or she is feeling through a computer. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or comments. I’m available to meet with students and parents, and we can do some planning or organization sessions if needed.

Champions' Teachers Office Hours

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A Note from Nurse Burkely re: Suicide Prevention Month

As you may know, Suicide Awareness Month is this month. We have decided to wear purple and teal next Thursday and Friday to raise awareness. We encourage students to join us in wearing purple and teal to express their support for suicide prevention.

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Parent Survey

Champions' Parents,

In an effort to help us get to know your child a little better, we'd love it if you would fill out this quick survey. Thank you!

Champions' Parent Survey

Contact a Champion Teacher

Email is a great way to contact your child’s Champions teachers.

Stephanie Bates: Math

Tricia Bozung: Resource

Olivia Daley: Science

Kristin Jacquin: CWC Math and Reading

Shannon Wiese: ELA

Nick Richardson: Social Studies

Cali Kliewer: Reading

Deanna Paden: Resource