HI, MY CAREER IS ___________.

The Jouney of me finding my calling.

What is Careers... why do I LOVE it?

Why do I absolutley love careers? Simply put, the individualization. I love the idea of getting creative with your future and really discovering who you are as a person. Every project is a little slice of me I put my whole heart into, and I regret nothing. From my brain sidedness to my personality color, I am constantly finding things out about myself in this class. Also, by doing so digitally, it's like coming into the modern age, like finally coming into the 'real' world.

About me!



Bentonville High School

For my 9th through 12th grade years, I will be attending Bentonville High School.

  • 9th grade year, I plan on making a graduation plan and taking extra curriculars. Also, I plan on researching career options.

  • 10th grade year, I am going to take the PSAT and ACT. Also, I plan on investigating college costs and possibly even go to and tour some colleges.

  • 11th grade year, I'm going to take as many academic courses as possible. I also plan on taking the SAT and narrow my career search field. Finally, I plan on seriously thinking about potential colleges.

  • Finally, in 12th grade year, I plan on registering for colleges and taking any application tests. I also plan on taking or retaking the SAT and ACT tests. I plan on finishing with strong grades and ultimatley graduating.

University of Virginia

General Information:

Location(city & state): Charlottseville, Virginia


Public/Private (highlight one)

4 years/2 years (highlight one)

Setting: City

Applications & Admissions

Enrollment (total/total) 24,391

Percentage of students admitted: 33%

Requirements for admission: SAT or ACT

Costs & Financial Aid

Give the amounts for each type of tuition and highlight the one that will apply to you.

In State Tuition= 11,7866

Charge per credit hour =308

Out of State Tuition= 36,780

Charge per credit hour= 1,119

Your tuition cost per year = 36,780

Books/supplies per year= + 1,184

Room & board on campus per year= + 9,036

Room & Board off campus per year= +0

Other expenses per year= +0


Total cost per year =$37,964 X 4 years = $151,856

My Future

In my future, I desire to be a Lyricist or Creative writer. My passion is in literature, and I really want to be able to do what I love fir a living. I feel like to succeed, I need to do what I love.

The above picture shows where I wish to live and my desired career.

We created license plates that desplay what we strive for in our future. The state on the license plate is meant to show where we want to live. The writing should display one's career path the wish to continue on, essentially the job they want. I chose "WRITTEN" because it exemplifies how I wish to excel in a job intertwined with literature. My job as a creative writer is epected to grow by 7% in the next year, which is a good sign for prospecting students like me. People wanting to become a writer should try and earn and English, Journalism, or history degree (if you wish to write nonfiction.)

Skills to Pay the Bills

Creative writers make, on average, around 50,000 dollars a year in Arkansas. Nationally, creative writers and authors make around 60,000 dollars a year
Amy Tan: Where does creativity hide?

Writing Motivation

I feel like alot of this careers class is about motivation, and this video is about my passion and hopeful career - writing. I can tell you first hand that you have to be motivated to write a long piece of text. I know that what I've been taught in careers will help me succeed in writing because I learned about motivation and work ethic. If you want to be a succesful writer, you have to be willing to put in the extra hours and get your objectives done on time. Being creative and realizing your own style is a big part of being motivated. You have to be creative and interesting to motivate yourself to finish your goals.