Susan B Anthony

How she was rembered

Susan b Anthony was born februray 15,1820 and died march 13,1906.She moved to massachuttes and was attending to a distric school.When she got older he dad lost his job and verything but the she stared teaching so her dad could oay off his depts.Onces she got older she nver got married or had any childern and she helped her dad when she was young. when she was older she saw out in the world that women werent allowed to do anything,like vote,work and there husbands could mistreat them, she also saw that there was slavery and she felt sad about. Susasn thought it would be a good idea to travel to other countries and see what she can do about what was going on in the world.Suasn b anthong went to jail becasue she voted illigi,and in order to get out she had to pay $100 dollars.But she never did but she still got out of jail. In massachuttes was the first stae to let women vote beacsue of Susan b anthony.She died of heart failure and pneumina. Now today she is known as the women who stood up for the women so they could have the right to vote and go to college.Thats how Susan B anthong was rembered
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