By: Eman Harrison


Belgium is a european country that has a lot of people in it. 11.2 million people live in Belgium.

Geography and Travel

There are many landforms and rivers in Belgium.

Government/Foreign policy

Belgium is a Constitutional Monarchy. Their current leader is a Constitutional Monarchy. They are allowed to vote and are allowed to have jobs in the government. Yes because you are allowed to vote and have jobs in the government in the United States.


They use a Euros as their currency. 1 euro is $1.11in USD. Machinary,Diamonds,metals and metal products exported from Belgium. Diamonds and foodstuffs are imported to Belgium. GPD per capita is $46,778 in USD.

Ethnic and Social Groups

The ethnic groups of Belgium are Flemish,Walloon,and other. Flemish is the people of Flanders which is 58% of Belgium. Walloon is another ethnic group in Belgium and that is a person in Belgium who speaks French and lives in southern and eastern Belgium and the percentage of that is 31%. The other/unknown ethnic group percentage is 11%. There was some conflict with the ethnic group because not everyone was speaking french, some people were speaking dutch. that caused major political issues. The educational system in belgium is like the U.S educational system. They have 3 schools that depend on what language you speak. They have preschool,primary school,middle school, higher school, university. they have to go through all grades. The literacy rate in Belgium is 99.7 overall. Their school system is very effective according to the literacy rate.

Religion, Language, Country Flag

Roman Catholic is the main religion in Belgium. 58% of Belgium is a Roman Catholic. The other 42% is a Christian. There are 3 main languages French,Dutch, and German. French is the most spoken language in Belgium then dutch then German. The black on the flag means the shield. The gold on the flag means the lion, and the red on the flag means the lions claws.

Traditional Holidays, Clothing and Food

There are lots of holidays food and clothing that Belgium has.