Intro to Media Literacy

Brianna Fitzgerald 12/16/15 Block 4

Understanding the Text

Media literacy is the way social media is perceived by its audience. Being literate means you understand and have the ability to read languages, whether it's English or not. Media literacy is being familiar with and being able to identify text through the media. It is also being able to understand the meaning of the literature and whether it's biased or unbiased. Understanding the literature allows you to understand the world around you. Being literate helps you understand the knowledge provided to you whether through the news or books. Knowledge is power.

Usage in the Real World

Literacy is important because it's how humans primarily communicate. In order to understand one another, we express ourselves through the media, whether it's through videos or poems. The media is all around us through the news bulletins as well as biased media like most blogs. Media can also be described as gossip about celebrities. Overall, most of the time, media is our way of communication and expression. It is how we learn about current events and educate ourselves.