February Update

Rhythm Chart Testing!

This 9 weeks, every student is required to pass off 2 rhythm charts. We have already taken our first test, and grades are in Powerschool. Our next test will be on February 10th. It may take more than one day to hear each student, but all students need to be ready on the 10th!

If your child did not pass his or her first chart, there is still time! We allow unlimited retakes during recess or in the morning. Please contact me if you are concerned about your child's rhythm chart test grade. Please make it a goal to have your child make up his or her first test now, so that they can focus on the next test, which is Feb. 10th! Remember: No student can take their 2nd test until they have passed their first test!

What We're Working On

We are working on the following concert selections:

Kentucky 1800

Jolly Walk in Hibbertland


In addition to practicing these songs, students have been working on developing solid tone, and tuning. Please encourage your child to play his or her scale each day with the tuning cd, as they try to "stop the waves."


We have had a number of parents and students sign up for the Remind program last month. If you have not done so already, we highly recommend that you do! For instructions on how to sign up, please click here.

Upcoming Performances

Parish Festival: Saturday, February 20th

District Festival: March 10th or 11th.

More information will be sent out once we've received our schedules for these events. Count on having to bring your child to and from school on the 20th, and having to pick your child up from school for District Festival on the 10th or 11th. The uniform for both will be black dress pants, black shoes, black belt, black socks, and orange band polo. Please make sure that you have these items!