The Tell-Tale Heart

By: Edgar Allen Poe

What it's about.

The Tell-Tale Heart is about a Madman who feels uncomfortable around his neighbor. His neighbor is the Old man and the Madman doesn't feel comfortable around the Old man's glass eye. The Madman would sneek into the Old man's room every night at midnight for seven nights. On the eighth night he accidentally woke the Old man up and was wondering who's there, so the Old man stayed awake scared of who was there. The Madman stayedthere standing in the pitch black room not moving one single muscle waiting for the Old man to go back to sleep. Instead of waiting the whole entire time the Madman just killed the Old man and he felt happy or relieved I should say because the Old man's eye could not bother him anymore. The Madman cleaned up the whole mess on how he killed the Old man. The police came and asked him questions about the Old man, but he started hearing a loud pounding in his ears it became louder and louder. He relised that the police knew the whole entire time and that it was him and that they were only mocking him. The Madman could still hear the loud pounding, and he finally realised it was the Old man's heart......


Thetheme of the story is: Don't hurt someone just because you don't like them


The Tell-Tale Heart is about how the Madman wants to kill the Old man because his eye makes him nervous "dreadfully nervous I had been and am!" "I think it was his eye! yes, it was this!" The Madman would watch the Old man at night at midnight for 7 days straight. Then the Madman decided to kill him "I was never kinder to the Old man than during the whole week before I killed him." I really thought he was crazy because he only killed him for the eye. Then when the police came he was so calm he wasn't nervous anymore because he killed him. The Madman started hearing a loud pounding "I t grew louder-louder-louder!" He relised that it was the Old man's beating heart! I think this story is interesting and creepy at the same time!


The conflict of this story is basically when the Madman killed the Old man.


Madman-He is crazy, truly crazy because of the Old man. Why you ask? It's because of the Old man's eye "a pale blue eye, with a film over it." The Madman stalks him.

Old Man-He is kind, but his eye will make you crazy and want to kill him. That's what happened to the Madman, but he still hears his beating heart.