Arcado PTA December News

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Did you know that the Parkview Cluster is being redistricted?

Under the current proposal, Arcado ES is set to lose 189 students to Camp Creek ES and 49 students to Knight ES (based on this years enrollment). Have you looked at the map to review the proposed plan? Here is the link:

The criteria used for redistricting is: current enrollment, existing identifiable boundaries, school locations and student transportation. It is imperative that you are aware and involved to understand the impact the redistricting will have to your community. Do you agree or disagree with the current boundaries proposed? We urge you to get involved quickly to ensure that your voice is heard! Please print and fill out a form to be turned in by the end of this week December 11 -

If you 'agree', mark 'agree' and fill out the form so it can be turned in to Ms. Wiley. If you 'disagree', redraw the map to validate your points highlighting concerns which impact student transportation (to minimize time on the bus) and minimize student disruption. Change in demographics, socioeconomics, property values and 'that's not fair' are NOT valid arguments and will not be considered by the board. A meeting will be scheduled at Arcado ES to prepare those planning to attend the Board of Education meeting on Jan 7 with proper tactics and proper procedure. It is imperative that the input forms be turned in to have your voice heard by this Friday, 12/11.

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