Mrs. Whitlock's Weekly Math Updates

April 27 - May 1

Upcoming Dates

Monday, April 27: Homework Packet 15 due
Thursday, April 30: Chapter 18 Test
Monday, May 4: Homework Packet 16 due, Math MAP Testing
Friday, May 8: Chapter 19 Test
Thursday, May 14: Overview of First Grade Math Test (Chapters 1-19)

Please send all math textbooks back to school on Thursday, April 30!

What's Going on in Math...

We have been working on repeated addition (multiplication) and dividing things equally into groups (division). After completing the test on Thursday, we will dive into Chapter 19, which covers money.

We have briefly covered money in preparation for the Iowa Assessments, but this chapter will expand on that. Students will count and exchange money. Some of the skills your child will practice are:
  • recognizing and naming pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters
  • skip-counting to find the value of a collection of coins
  • using the "count on" strategy to count money
  • exchanging coins and buying things

This is a chapter that can easily be applied to your errands and shopping at home! Invite your child to help you determine how much change you will need to provide, or how many different ways you can make a certain amount of change.

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