Container Homes

Brandon LaRosa

Bubble Layouts

This is where I created my layout of my container home design. The first floor is too the right and 2nd floor the bottom.
Big image
I came up with this layout because I wanted a open layout for the kitchen and living room. I also knew that the upstairs had to be similar to the layout of the downstairs. Finally I wanted the master bedroom to be on the 1st floor.

Sketch of The Container Home

This sketch was a picture of a container home that was on a website.
Big image

Sketch Up Diagrams

This is where I started my layouts and put them to computer.

Autocad Layouts

Final Container Pictures


In this project I have learned how to use two apps that will help me in my architectural career. AutoCAD and Sketchup were fun to use and are easy to get the hang of. I thought Sketchup was pretty neat with the ability of downloading furniture on your floor plan. The hardest part about this project was creating the floor plan that would work in the real world. My container home would be located on a beach in California because I think it would be cool to live in a small container home on the beaches of Southern California.

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