By: Cameron Carmona

What is groundwater?

Groundwater is water held underground in the soil or pores and crevices in rock.

Some processes that make groundwater include porosity, permeability, aquifer, and saturation.

Porosity vs. permeability

Porosity- The amount of space between soil particles.

Permeability- The materials ability to allow fluids to pass.

These two processes affect groundwater's movement throughout the ground by having some of the water stay in a certain place for a period of time(porosity) and having other amounts of groundwater flow through soil(permeability)

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Water Table Explained

The water table is the boundary between the zone of saturation and the zone of aeration. The zone of saturation is the level underground where it is fully saturated. The zone of aeration is the complete opposite, it is the level underground that is not saturated. In these zones are aquicludes and aquifers. An aquiclude is a layer of impermeable sediment that cancel the flow of water. Aquifers are the layers of rock that are permeable or allow water to flow through.
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The two types of aquifers are...

Unconfined aquifers are aquifers that allows water to seep through the ground directly from above.

Confined aquifer are aquifers that don't allow water to seep though the ground directly from above.

What are some things that can deplete ground water?

Some actions that our population does to reduce our ground water is pumping too much water out of the ground, pollution, etc.

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