Unicorn Newsletter

Troop 11558

Last meeting...

We had an awesome meeting today! The girls learned some more about the Cookie Business. We practiced selling to our customers, and how to make change. Then, working with a partner, we used our "Brownie money" to buy things that were on our "wants" and "needs" lists.

Finally, we talked some more about our International Fest country, Haiti. We even learned some Creole through a song and common phrases. Ask your daughter to say "hello" and "good afternoon" in Creole.

Please see below for the words to the song and for more information about International Fest.


We kept the Brownie books to update them.


Your daughter received a big brown piece of paper at the end of the last meeting. In order to complete our Inventor badge work, she will need to invent something. It can be a new toy, something to help people do a task, a new food, etc. Let their imagination run wild!

They are to draw, color, or paint their invention on the paper provided. It is due at the next meeting.

Next meeting...

Our next meeting, on Feb 5th, will be a field trip to Olde Town Conyers to learn more about our community and start working on our community badge. We will meet at The Depot (Conyers Welcome Center), where we will learn about "The Dinky". Then, we will make our way over to the Old Jail Museum beside the courthouse. That is where you will pickup your daughter between 4:45pm and 5pm. Please make sure your daughter dresses for the weather that day and wears comfortable shoes.

International Festival

Sunday, Feb. 10th 2013 at 1:30-5pm

144 Ram Dr

Covington, GA

At the Newton County College and Career Center. If you are unable to attend, please let me know asap. I can make arrangements for transportation if needed. We would like every girl there participating so that they earn their patch.

Cost is $1 for 10 tickets. The tickets are for various activities and crafts. Please wear your Brownie vest and make sure all of the patches are firmly attached.

Girls are asked to bring 100 pennies for the Juliette Low fund.

What your Scout needs to know for International Fest...Please practice at home

Haitian Song

We will be singing and teaching the following song. It is to the tune of Joy, Joy, Joy (down in my heart).

I have the Joy Joy Joy Joy down in my heart…

Mwen genyen jwa jwa jwa jwa
Anndan kè mwen

Anndan kè mwen

Anndan kè mwen
Mwen genyen jwa jwa jwa jwa
Anndan kè mwen
Anndan kè mwen toujou

Haitian Greetings/Phrases

We will greet visitors with the following:

Hi..................................allo (ah low)

Good morning........bon jou (bon jew)

Good afternoon......bon swa (bon swahh)

Thank you..................mesi ampli (may'see ahm plea)

Craft/Swap and Food

We will make a craft for our swap. (Like the picture on the left.)

Also, we will serve 2 staples in the Haitian diet, mangoes and black beans and rice.


All cookie money is due March 8th!

Cookie Pickup & Booth Schedule

I will be picking up the cookies on Feb 9th at 10:45am in Hampton, GA (the closest place available). You guys did such an awesome job with pre-sales, that I believe we will have to rent a small u-haul to get it back here. I'm going to take some measurements in my van. If I think we can fit them in two or three vehicles, I may be asking for volunteers to make the trip with me. You can pickup your cookies on Sunday at the International Fest or make other arrangements with me.

Booth Schedule:

I need to sit down and put everything on the GS troop calendar. Then I will have which girls are at what booth for you. That will happen later this week, and I'll email it out.

Upcoming Service Unit Events

Spirit Night at Zaxby's (138 by Lowe's)

Thursday, Jan. 24th 2013 at 5-7pm

1871 Hwy 138

Conyers, GA

No flyer needed. All proceeds toward Annual Fund.


Saturday, March 9th 2013 at 9am-5:30pm

Elliott Trail

Mansfield, GA

at Charlie Elliot Wildlife Center.

Cost: $25 per scout

Come out to Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center for a day filled with outdoor adventures! Some activities can be counted towards girls earning their Naturalist Legacy badge.