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Jade Thompson

I want to be a Zoo Keeper

I want to be a zoo keeper because I have a hart animals and I love working with them. I love working with small animal because they are easy to work with and are so loving.

How do I become Zoo Keeper?

How can I be a zoo keeper? I want to be a zoo keeper because I love animals and its some thing I always wanted to do.

Jade M Thompson

Justin, TX 76247


North Main Street



My goal is to obtain a position at a facility or I can utilize my love and knowledge.


Exceptional analytical and research skills

Effective communicator with strong team building skills

Compassionate individual with a love for animals


Fort worth zoo Fort worth TX zoo keeper June 2028-Present

Train the animals

Feed the animals

Clean their cages


Northwest High school

High school Diploma Justin, TX

June, 2022

2200 Texan Dr.

Justin, TX 76247

November 04, 2015

Dear, William Freeze, Manager

Hi I saw your web site and I’m interested I want to be a zoo keeper. I wonder if I can work their?

I am wanting to work with small animals like birds, monkeys, fish and other animals that are small. I am wanting to work here because I have a hart for animals and I like to work with small animals. I heard you have small and large animals their so I want to work their. I know


Jade Thompson

Jade Thompson