Having awesome friends is great!

Why are friends great to have?

What would happen if you didn't have true, loyal friends. Well, let's say someone teases you. Without them, no one could stand up for you if you can't stand up for yourself!

Friends also a recipe for having fun and laughing. A lot. One person can brighten your day completely. This person also is known as: friend.

How can you make friends?

Well, it's not always that easy.But, here are a couple tips. First, always be nice. Remember, smiling at new classmates never hurt, or even staying positive in general. Who knows, maybe one will grow up to be your lifelong friend. Try to be social. Engage in class, and talk to everyone. With these tips, you'll have dozens of friends.

Friend Quotes

Guaranteed to be relaxing and fun.

Why should I trust strangers?

Friends are not strangers. Don't be afraid to trust them, but just remember. Would you want people to spread a rumor about what you just whispered? And when one friend leaves, it's alright. You'll make fabulous friends. And when you know they're loyal, trust them with anything.
What is a Friend?