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Our Mission: To provide an opportunity for parents to connect and learn from each other in a welcoming, open and faith-filled environment.

Tuesday, Sep. 30th, 10am

Immaculate Conception Lower Rectory, Tuckahoe, NY

Conversation will focus on Take Back Your Kids: Confident Parenting in Turbulent Times by William J. Doherty (Kindle Edition)


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Take Back Your Kids

  • Childhood may be changing, but today's cable-ready, all-too-worldly kids are still just kids and should be treated that way. William J. Doherty does not want to recreate childhood as it was in simpler times, he merely wants to help parents adapt to the changes and create an even better future. Dohertys new book, Take Back Your Kids, offers a blueprint to do just that.
  • Take Back Your Kids gives parents a clear picture of what they should expect from themselves and their children. Doherty describes the skills necessary to be a confident parent--the importance of firm boundaries on behavior, an understanding of when to be flexible, and the courage to express constructive anger and endure the consequences. A good parent may be unpopular from time to time, but children respect and appreciate the exercise of authority in the context of loving family relationships.