The Best Bouquet Deal

By: Shyamika

The Problem

Kimberly's sister is getting married soon. After her marriage, she will have her reception reception. They will need a bouquet for each of the tables there. Kimberly went to many flower shops but the prices for the bouquets were too high. Finally she found two of the best options. One of the places was called Sweet Stems and the other was called Crazy Daisy's Flowers. They had the best deals in all of town. Sweet Stems deal was the initial cost of $28.00 plus $12.00 for each bouquet. Crazy Daisy's Flower's deal had no initial cost. It was the fixed cost of $16.00 for each bouquet. Which flower shop has the best deal on bouquets?


As the number of bouquets got higher and higher in a linear fashion, the cost did as well. Crazy Daisy's Flowers started to exceed the cost of Sweet Stems. At first, Sweet Stems was more costly than Crazy Daisy's. The price from Sweet Stems began to be less costly than Crazy Daisy's as the number of bouquets went up. If Kimberly's sister only has 4 or less tables, Crazy Daisy's Flowers would be the best option since it is cheaper than Sweet Stems for the first few bouquets. Crazy Daisy's cost got higher than Sweet Stems by the end which means that if Kimberly's sister had more than 4 tables, Sweet Stems would have the better deal.