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Jeffrey Sterner the PEC

Jeffrey Sterner

For the past three years, Jeffrey Sterner has been a Patient Education Consultant at ClearChoice Dental Implant Center in Schaumburg, Illinois. In 2010, Jeffrey was involved in the office setup and strategic planning for the grand opening of the Schaumburg office. Jeffrey’s primary responsibilities include meeting with new prospective patients, taking patient I-CAT imaging, and utilizing the DISC profiling system to build rapport and gain a deeper understanding of the emotional motivations of the patient. Jeffrey Sterner is directly involved in the treatment planning with the Prosthodontist and Oral Surgeons. As treatment is considered to be elective, Jeffrey also assists patients in securing financing for their treatment which averages around $20,000 to $40,000. Jeffrey received national recognition at the annual ClearChoice awards ceremony for being the single producing PEC office and exceeding the annual office goal by over 2.5 million dollars. Since that time Jeffrey Sterner has received several awards for his production, and remained in the top of his class nationally.

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Jeffrey Sterner Discusses Being a Mentor

Part of giving back in the business world involves being a mentor. Jeffrey Sterner understands this and is always looking for people to mentor and guide. He spends a good bit of his free time mentoring students in the local area each year and finds great joy in giving back. Here are a few of Jeffrey Sterner’s tips on being a good mentor:

(1) Never Give up on Yourself

The first step to becoming a good mentor is to never stop being a mentee yourself. Jeffrey Sterner believes you stop being a good mentor the day you stop seeking out mentors for yourself. There is always more to learn, no matter how much you currently know. By pouring into yourself, Jeffrey Sterner believes you will be able to continually pour out to others.

(2) Stay Committed

A good mentor is committed for the long run. Do not commit to being a mentor if you can’t do so for an extended period of time. Jeffrey Sterner only mentors people he is willing to sacrifice time for.

(3) Have Patience

Being a mentor requires patience. Jeffrey Sterner has learned the importance of being able to work with people and not expect perfection. You are a mentor for a reason, and that is to teach people how to become more successful and professional. If they knew everything off the bat, they would have no need for you.

These are three of the ingredients to being a successful mentor, according to Jeffrey Sterner. Never give up on yourself, stay committed, and have patience.
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Jeffrey Sterner on Professionalism

Being in the sales industry, Jeffrey Sterner understands the importance of professionalism. A professional attitude and demeanor can set you apart from the competition, something that is extremely important in competitive fields like sales. Here are a few of Jeffrey Sterner’s tips on being professional:

(1) Be Reliable

One of the quickest ways to establish a professional reputation is to be reliable. When you say you are going to be somewhere, be there. It is really as simple as that. Jeffrey Sterner only accepts responsibilities he knows he will be able to honor. It is better to take less responsibility and accomplish your duties than the other way around.

(2) Be Respectful

It is important to be respectful in business relationships. Respect is indicative of a professional attitude. Jeffrey Sterner shows respect by treating others with honesty and truthfulness. Learn your place in your industry and know when you are dealing with someone higher up than yourself.

(3) Master the First Impression

Jeffrey Sterner believes mastering the first impression to be the one of the most important aspects of professionalism. According to Jeffrey Sterner, there are three parts to a good first impression. First off, you must dress the part. Make sure you appear put-together. Secondly, Jeffrey Sterner tells people to practice firm handshakes and good eye contact. A good handshake and sustained eye contact can go a long way in establishing yourself as a professional business person. Thirdly, you need to learn how to listen to people and show interest.

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Jeffrey Sterner Talks about Setting Goals

Setting goals and benchmarks is an important part of living a successful life. Goals can be set in any area of life, including sports and fitness, relationships, work, and more. Jeffrey Sterner sets goals in almost every area of his life and has seen it result in success. As a Patient Education Consultant at ClearChoice, Jeffrey Sterner has demonstrated an ability to consistently set goals and meet them. In 2012, Jeffrey Sterner achieved 103.3% of his sales goals. What follows are a few of his tips on setting goals.

Set Goals with the End in Mind

Jeffrey Sterner likes to set goals with the end in mind. This means setting goals with the intention of getting you to a specific point. Jeffrey Sterner sets career goals with the mindset of ending up in a particular position. This can be applied to any type of goal. If your fitness goal is to lose weight, make sure you understand specifically how much you want to lose by a certain point in time.

Develop Checkpoints for Long Term Goals

Long term goals can be difficult to reach because they are so far away. Jeffrey Sterner makes them easier by developing checkpoints along the way. A checkpoint gives you motivation to take the next step and press forward. Checkpoints can be daily, monthly, weekly, or even yearly.

Keep Track

Jeffrey Sterner advises people to keep track of their progress and goals. Write them out if it helps you. Jeffrey Sterner keeps his progress reports where he can clearly see them, so as to provide additional motivation.
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Jeffrey Sterner Discusses Cold Calling

Cold calling can be one of the most dreaded and feared tasks in the sales field, but it doesn’t have to be. Jeffrey Sterner has been cold calling people for more than 15 years and has developed a recipe for success. Jeffrey Sterner believes it is as simple as doing your homework, having a plan, and being versatile.

Do Your Homework

Jeffrey Sterner believes it is nearly impossible to be a good cold caller without due diligence. Whenever possible, Jeffrey Sterner does research on the people or companies on his call list. He does this by reviewing their websites and talking with mutual contacts. Jeffrey Sterner believes cold calling success is directly correlated to time spent preparing.

Have a Plan

While they call it cold calling, it is never a good idea to go in cold. Jeffrey Sterner always has a plan or script ready for his calls. Nothing can be more uncomfortable than being in the middle of a call and not knowing what to say. ‘Think of the script like a train on the tracks. Once you know route, you will know where to get back on when the customer throws you a curve ball. At the end of the day, it’s all about humanizing the process and turning a stranger into a friend by being good listeners. Telling is not selling.”

Be Versatile

While Jeffrey Sterner advises having a plan or script, he also understands the importance of being able to change direction. Never become so set on a script that you aren’t willing to adapt to the phone call. Jeffrey Sterner believes versatility is one of the most crucial things a salesman can possess.

Jeffrey Sterner believes in a simple recipe for success. He advises cold callers to do their homework, have a plan, and be versatile.