William's term three goals

Reading goal

My goal in reading is to try to think more critically and seek evidence in a text. I am going to do this by reading over a text more than once and trying to find evidence to support my answers.


My old goal was to read a text and try to find small clues. I think I partially met the goal but in my probe I rushed and didn't look for the small clues so I changed my goal a bit and made it bigger.

Maths goal

My goal in maths is to try to work methodically and carefully when working on a question. I am going to do this by working it out step by step eg; 3.9 X 6.3 - 8.1 +5.4= working it out slowly and carefully to get the answer.


My old goal was to consistently get 100% in my basic facts tests. I met this goal and have changed it because I found it too easy. My new goal will cover all areas of maths and is going to stop me from making silly mistakes.

Writing goal

My goal in writing is to use punctuation correctly and effectively in my writing. I am going to do this by reading my writing out loud to check where the punctuation needs to go and when I have finished a sentence put a full stop.


I did not have a goal last term because we had a literacy goal I used it as a reading goal but this term I have realized I need to have a reading and a writing goal.

A2A goal

My A2A goal is to be more independent mostly trying to focus on the area of self management. I am going to do this by not talking or calling out on the mat and to stay focused on my work rather than being off task.


My old goal was to make good healthy decisions that affect my health. During the term I became aware that there were bigger aspects I needed to work on eg self management. As it was not the right goal at the time I didn't work on it and I have changed it for this term.

Fitness goal

My goal is to get 7 or higher in the beep test. I am going to do this by continuing to go to running club and circuit training when they are on and to go for a half hour run on the weekend.


My old goal was to get 7.5 in the beep test. I did not meet this goal because I did not put enough effort into training and was unprepared on the day of the beep test. I have chosen this goal again and since I am already doing lots of fitness like basketball and football I have just added a 30 minute run on the weekend.