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The Price Of Food

Yes, we don't understand the price that cheap foods come at. Employees have been poisoning our food since day one. We have to stop this its getting out of control and many people are dying. Companies should find educated workers that know what their doing because most immigrants don't know much about food safety. Companies should look into backgrounds of their workers because some could be criminals and they didn't even know. Companies should enforce a rule that makes workers take their time to do their work more efficiently. If work is done neatly and at a well pace then people wouldn't be dying of food poisoning.

Dear Future Americans..,

I feel that my actions were not ones a traitor would do. Women want say in government too. We can prove our sameness that not all men are greater than women. I continue to protest because, during the war i felt freedom was more important then winning. Freedom is important to all Americans men, and women. Women have gone through a lot because most women wanna help the nation by joining the army as medic but, the government won't let them become a marine. They do this because "women aren't as strong as men." Women can be a big help to the country the military, deliver supplies to troops at base, etc. Women could be the key to the country because, we don't have to worry about crops being farmed/ harvested and other unnecessary stress factors. They could also ship supplies to our troops across the oceans. Men need to stop being selfish and keeping all the power.

Your friend,

Alice Paul

Is China Really Isolating Themselves?

China says "We don't need the rest of the of the world." well...the rest of the world apparently needs China. Europe forces China to open their ports for trade, Because of this Japan will open their ports so they can make rules instead of everyone coming and going. Then America wanted to trade so we made China trade with us. The world is dependent on trade where as China, and Japan were doing just fine without trade, but now Japan has one of the most populated trade ports in the world.

The Government Stopping Communication...

This political cartoon means be quiet because other countries could steal the mail and find out where our troops are. The government is couscous about this because it could cost us the war. Most people followed this because they didn't want their family members to die when the other countries get the information.
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Food Can Win The War!

People not fighting in the war should grow many victory gardens because the more food for the troops the better. Our solders should have plenty of supplies so that they are always ready for battle and are ahead of the game. With the food at home only take what you will eat and don't waste food.

Germany's Defeat

Germany lost world war 1 and had to pay the allies the cost of their deaths and damages. Germany also could pay these debts so they took land for money.

Why did this happen? Well, Germany built up their military and other countries thought it was a threat. Now today its interesting to looks at around the world. Germany lost money and land plus other countries (central powers) are getting land taken away from them because they were allied with Germany.

Is Film Stars The New Thing?

Marion Robert Morrison (aka John Wayne) was born in Winterset, Iowa, in 1907. John had a football scholarship to University of South Carolina (USC). Wayne soon suffered a surfing body accident that ended this tackles career. After his career ended he look at studio work to pay for his tuition. He soon acted in a film called The Big Trail. This film made made Marion into John Wayne, because of this it changed the whole. John Wayne played in over 175 films. He played in almost all genres from war movies to romantic comedy's, but he made most of his lasts marks in western movies. John Wayne was nominated three times for the Academy award and, he also won the Oscar for best actor in 1969.
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More About Sports...

Legend Fredrick William Slater (aka Duke Slater) Was born on December 19, 1898. As the oldest of six children he learned the game of football. Duke's dad George didn't want duke to play football because getting hurt in such a rough sport is bad, so Duke was only able to play 3 seasons in his high school career. His dad made him a deal to be careful and avoid injuries. So Duke never complained and never let anyone see his bumps or bruises. Duke grew up poor and at the time you had to buy your own helmets and shoes and he had to pick one or the other. He felt that shoes were more important so he played his high school and half of his college career without a helmet. Duke played for the Iowa Hawkeyes and after college he got drafted to the trailblazers.