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November 14



  • All students that donate 10 items or more get free dress code the week before Christmas Break.
  • Winning 3rd Grade Class and Winning 4th grade class with the most items get Pizza Party!

Food Drive

We are collecting food items through December 5th for HEB Share Your Christmas. The following are the items we are collecting. Please collect in your classrooms until we get our tree up and then you can bring to common area. If you need a box, let Brinda know so she can get you one. Thanks for your support! Let's beat the Intermediate this year!!! They had a Uhaul full of food!


These are also items that are considered non-perishable and needed.

  • Whole grains, such as quinoa and spelt
  • Rice (brown, wild)
  • Steel-cut or rolled oats
  • Whole grain dry cereals with at least 5 grams fiber/serving
  • Whole grain pastas, such as whole wheat, brown rice flour or quinoa
  • Fruits in natural juice with no sugar added
  • Dried or canned legumes, such as peas, lentils, peanuts and beans
  • Pureed foods, such as sweet potato, pumpkin and applesauce
  • Low-fat dry or shelf-stable milk
  • Nut butters, including peanut, almond, walnut
  • Dried herbs and spices and no-salt spice blends
  • Popcorn kernels
  • Dried fruits (preferably no added sugar), such as prunes, mangoes, apricots and raisins
  • Granola, muesli
  • Shelf-stable milk alternatives such as soy, almond, rice
  • Seeds, such as sesame, sunflower or pumpkin
  • Healthy oils, such as olive and grape seed
  • Green, white and herbal tea
  • Plain, unsalted nuts such as almonds, walnuts, pistachios and pecans
  • Natural sweeteners, such as honey
  • 100 percent fruit juice

Movers for Military-UNTIL NOVEMBER 22ND

Each campus has a box in the front office for collection of these items. I will also send an email out to parents and do a call out regarding this and food drive when I do one about Thanksgiving Feast.

  • Beef Jerky, Tuna in pouch
  • Breakfast bars, Energy bars
  • Nuts, Sunflower seeds, corn nuts
  • Peanut Butter crackers, cheese crackers
  • Gum
  • Drink mixes that can go into 16oz. bottles of water
  • Travel size toiletries

NOVEMBER PICTURES-PLEASE PUT HERE-You can also put any from October that were missed

December Calendar Dates-Please check I made some additions


TuesdayDecember3Family Literacy Night 6pm-7pm

ThursdayDecember5Science Project Due

FridayDecember6Science Fair Judging


TuesdayDecember10Science Fair Display & Awards6:00 PM

TuesdayDecember10Jingle Bell Jukebox Music Program9:15 AMCooper, Ames, Ready, A. Morgan

WEdnesdayDecember11Jingle Bell Jukebox Music Program9:15 AMMessina, Tweddle, Flores

ThursdayDecember12Jingle Bell Jukebox Music Program9:15 AMAlvarado, Clark, Robinson

ThursdayDecember12Julie Allbright Birthday


WEdnesdayDecember18Intermediate Choir at Elementary

WednesdayDecember18Staff Christmas Luncheon11-1Get Volunteers to cover class

ThursdayDecember19Progress Reports

FridayDecember20Holiday Sing-A-Long8am-8:30Cafeteria

Monday-FridayDecember23-3Christmas Break

MondayDecember23Cynthia FloresBirthday

TuesdayDecember24Christina WyrickBirthday

ThursdayDecember26Rebecca MoralesBirthday

JanuarySchool Board Appreciation Month

WEdnesdayJanuary1Jennifer KasparBirthday


From Mrs. Cristan

If you have a 504 student that is struggling, please document your interventions, accommodations that you are trying, and/or the success level of the current 504 accommodations (if there are any) in DMAC. Please let the parent and me know.

An RTI meeting is not necessay for a 504 student. A 504 meeting needs to be set up if there are any concerns or updated accommodations/interventions needed.

RTI committee meetings take place when 504 or Sped are NOT in place for a student; RTI committees usually determine whether a 504 evaluation or Sped. referral is needed after RTI measures have been tried and proven unsuccessful.

Keeping the parents in the loop on how the 504 accommodations are working is key.

If you believe, have evidence, that a student's 504 accommodations are not successful and you suspect a possible learning disability or Dyslexia, a 504 meeting is conducted to make the necessary referral w parent agreement.

From Mrs. Hoover

Please read the emails that I emailed. There is important information on there regarding testing.

From Mrs. Villarreal

Teachers, please remember to complete the testing accommodation page in DMAC for those students receiving RtI. You can find this once you are in the student’s plan, on the left side. It is labeled “Forms”. Remember, it has to be an accommodation that the student is using and is being successful with it. Print this form and give it to Mrs. Hoover. Please keep in mind, conferences are NOT RtI meetings. An administrator must be present for it to be considered an RtI meeting.

Just a reminder that you can also make CPS reports if you have a concern regarding a student. Reports can be made by calling 1-800-252-5400 or at Please be ready to answer questions regarding the student’s address and phone number as well as who lives in the home.

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Positivity Project Week ELEVEN & TWELVE (Thanksgiving Week): GRATITUDE

I don't have this ready yet. I will send the link in an email.

Math & Science Night

If you are going to need materials, please make sure Nicole knows what you need by Friday.

Weekly Calendar

ThursdayNovember14Diabetes Awareness Day

ThursdayNovember14Primary FeastEat in Rooms

FridayNovember15Nueces Delta Pod 12 (Steward, Kaspar, Robinson, Clark)All DayOdem4th Grade Field Trip

FridayNovember15Danny JacksonBirthday

FridayNovember15Movie in Classroom Good Choice


TuesdayNovember19Math and Science Night6pm-7pm

WednesdayNovember20Margaret BarnecBirthday

WEdnesdayNovember20Picture Make Up

ThursdayNovember21Report Card

ThursdayNovember23Brittany Hurst Birthday

Monday-FridayNovember25-29Thanksgiving Break