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CHS Weekly: September 27-October 3, 2020



We provide an engaging, inspiring, and caring learning experience for all our students.

School Custodian Appreciation Day is Oct. 2

On October 2nd, School Custodian Appreciation Day, we appreciate the men and women who keep our school clean, safe and running smoothly. Custodial workers operate behind the scenes. These are the people we call on to give Centennial a polished look. Custodial workers make sure buildings are ready for each season and running correctly. As a result, Centennial is safer and healthier for all of us. The work is physically demanding and we are forever grateful for the time and energy spent.

Thanks to Doug, Sinad, Tom, Josh, Maria, Arnold, Alli, Deren, Austen, and Lucas for your continued hard work and efforts all year long.


September 28 - TEAM 1 Day on campus

September 29 - TEAM 2 Day on campus

September 30 - TEAM 1 Day on campus

October 1 - TEAM 2 Day on campus

October 2 - TEAM 1 Day on campus

October 2- National School Custodian Day

*October 8 - Quarter 1 Evening Parent/Teacher Conferences - virtual appointments ONLY, 4:30-8:00pm

October 14 - 12th Grade SAT & 10th Grade PSAT

October 14 - NO SCHOOL: 9th and 11th grades

November 3 - NO SCHOOL: Remote Learning Day K-12

November 9 - NO SCHOOL - End of Quarter 1

*December 16 - Quarter 2 Evening Parent/Teacher Conferences - virtual appointments ONLY, 4:30-8:00pm

* Change in date


If you are a senior who has already completed a college entrance exam, please complete the questionnaire below so that we can verify your exam (SAT or ACT) for graduation purposes.


If your student is playing a sport or activity (cheer or dance) this fall, the $110.00 Pay to Participate fee has now been assessed to student school accounts. You may go to Myschoolfees.com to pay these fees.

Thank you and pleas feel free to reach out to Mr. Jon Watson, Activities & Athletics Director - watson.jon@westada.org - with any questions.

Advanced Placement (AP) Students & Families

High school students in West Ada School District are now on the quarter system. For many AP (Advanced Placement) students that means you will have an AP class either quarters 1 and 3 or quarters 2 and 4. Which unfortunately means, that students may or may not see their AP teacher and get AP specific instruction immediately prior to AP testing in the spring.

We recognize that this is not ideal for many students. As a result, we have created a CEN10AP Team through Microsoft Teams where AP teachers will post current information about AP testing, announcements, AP join codes, etc. that students and families are encouraged to check regularly. Each AP class has a channel (left hand column) to access specific courses and teachers. AP students have automatically been added to this Team. Families/parents are welcome to join using the code: 7tq46bc

Mrs. Townsley (College & Career Counselor) and Mrs. Everett (AP Counselor) will be going to all AP classrooms from September 28 through October 1 to speak to student about AP exams, the CEN10AP Team and more. Mrs. Townsley and Mrs. Everett are available via e-mail to answer any AP related questions.

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Parent/Teacher Conferences

Parent-Teacher Conferences at Centennial High School will take place virtually on:

  • Thursday, October 8 from 4:30-8:00pm

Conference slots are available through teacher web pages on the Centennial website.

  • Go to "STAFF"
  • Select the last name of the teacher
  • Select "Request a Quarter 1 Parent/Teacher Conference here"
  • Choose a time slot that is convenient for you and your schedule
  • Provide your student's name and grade as well as a parent name when signing up
  • Click "Sign Up & Submit" at the bottom of the form
  • Before completion you will be asked to enter your e-mail address and cell phone number

Conferences are scheduled for 8 minutes and will only take place virutally via Microsoft Teams or over the phone. Time slots are available on a first come, first served basis so sign up today! Quarter 2 Parent/Teacher Conferences will take place in the same way, virtually, on December 16...plan ahead!

Here are some tips to make the most of your conference:

  1. Look over schoolwork.
  2. Talk with your child, bring a copy of their schedule (see template below).
  3. Make a list of questions.
  4. Arrive a few minutes early.
  5. Talk about the specifics of your child in class.
  6. Stay calm.
  7. Ask the most important questions first.
  8. Figure out next steps.
  9. Update your child after the conference.
  10. Follow up with teachers after conferences.

Student Reminders for YELLOW

1.) Students are expected to bring their laptops, fully charged, to school with them everyday!

2.) Students should make every effort to come to school ON TIME, following the Centennial Bell Schedule (see below)

  • Students who arrive between 7:10am and 7:45am on regular days will be directed to go their 1st period class prior to the start of school. Loitering in hallways will be prohibited!

3.) Students should wear their CHS student ID to school every day. Students without a school ID, please contact Security - Mr. Murray or Mrs. Mortenson.

4.) Students are permitted to bring backpacks to campus. Students will NOT be permitted to access their vehicles during instructional time.

  • Lockers will only be issued to student's based on medical need. If your child requires a locker please contact your student's grade level VP.

5.) Freshmen students are NOT permitted to leave campus at anytime. Sophomore students may leave campus at lunch, with parent permission, by completing the following FORM. Junior and Senior students may leave campus at lunch.


Leadership Boise Academy

Juniors here is an excellent leadership opportunity for you!

What is Leadership Boise Academy (LBA)?

LBA is an opportunity for motivated high school juniors who exemplify leadership qualities and express an interest in gaining a better understanding of the unique and challenging issues facing their community.

Why participate? Through the LBA program you will learn more about your community and expand your perspectives while also developing your leadership potential, discussing pertinent issues with peers and community leaders, and exploring career options.

How much does it cost?

LBA is FREE to students who are chosen through the application process, and includes breakfast, lunch, and transportation on the day of the sessions.

How do I Apply:

  • Be a student currently enrolled in 11th grade
  • Tell Mrs. Townsley you are interested
  • Commit to 100% attendance at all sessions
  • Complete the online application by Friday, October 16 @ www.boisechamber.org/leadership-boise-academy
  • Attend the zoom interview on Saturday, November 14


  • Setting the Stage Saturday, January 09, 2021
  • Government Wednesday, January 20, 2021
  • Business Wednesday, February 10, 2021
  • Legal Social Wednesday, March 17, 2021
  • Media Wednesday, April 14, 2021
  • Community Service Project Saturday, April 24, 2021
  • Graduation Wednesday, May TBD, 2021

Juniors and Seniors Mrs. Townsley highly recommends you attend this.

NEXT STEPS Idaho Virtual College Fair

  • September 29 & 30 - October 1

Help students register for the Next Steps Idaho Virtual College Fair! Open between the hours of 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM (MDT). Parents are welcome too!! Registering allows attendees to download information and/or promotional materials into a virtual "swag bag." After the fair ends, registrants will be able to view all recorded webinars or videos on-demand during the entire month of October.

Super easy to register for this fair Register at https://nextstepsidahocollegefair.vfairs.com/

Tips for Completing College Applications

Know your deadlines

  • Few schools will even look at your application if it comes in after their deadline. Here are some options and types of deadlines you should become familiar with:

Early decision. With early decision, you are telling the school you are 100% committed to going there if you’re accepted. Students submit their applications as early as November 1st and schools will send their decisions by December, well before a schools’ regular decision timeline. If you’re accepted to the school you applied for with early decision, you must contact any other colleges you applied to and withdraw your application.

Early action. Similar to early decision, students submit their applications around November 1st and schools’ decisions are sent out by December. However, if accepted, you are not required to attend the school.

Regular decision. If you’re applying for the upcoming fall semester, regular decision deadlines for colleges usually extend into January or February. After the application deadline closes, schools will sort through their applications and send their decisions out typically around April. Similar to early action, you are not required to attend any of the schools that accept you on the regular decision timeline.

Rolling admission. Rolling admission isn’t a deadline you necessarily “choose,” it’s a way some schools receive and evaluate the applications that come into their doors. Instead of specific deadlines, schools will weave through applications until they have filled all the slots for their incoming class. Similar to early action and regular decision deadlines, rolling admission gives you the freedom to choose from the schools you’re accepted into.

Remember, each college you’re considering will potentially receive thousands of applications. If you’re laser-focused on one school and want to get ahead of the application rush, apply early. Questions stop by the Career Center.

Juniors and Seniors who would like to take the ACT

You must sign-up for this on your own at act.org

  • Upcoming test dates are: October 10, 17, 24 and 25
  • Deadline to sign up is September 25
  • Cost is $55