by: Madison Anderson

what is the size of England?

94,058 sq. miles. this is important because they need space to put schools, buildings, houses, ect. and they might need extra room for anything else.

what is the population of England?

63.23 million people. this I'm important because with out people there would be nothing to do, obviously. there needs to be people to keep things in order and keep things going.

how well educated is England?

over all England is higher educated than the U.S is but it also depends on the background of the student, whether they came from a wealthier background or if they went to substandard schools. this important because without good schools people might stop wanting to live or come to England.

how large and well equipped is their army?

England's army isn't very large, it has 205,805 active troops. They have a lot of nuclear weapons but not much else. It is important to have a large army because England has a monarchy government so they have to protect the queen and princes.

what are the physical features?

they have rolling plains, hills, low mountains. this is important because it is very good for farming.

how productive is the economy?

is it pretty productive. they are very industrial, always making cars and things like that. this is important because without a good economy people would start loosing jobs.