MI Monthly Newsletter



Has it really already been 6 weeks of school?? Time flies!

Well as a recap, we have been studying Sue and her meningitis infection. The students did the ELISA test and they found out that she and a few others on campus had the infection. The rest of her sick peers had illnesses like mono, strep and the flu. We have spent the majority of our time lately on bacteria and antibiotics. We also learned how to handle bacteria properly with aseptic technique and saw how antibiotics effect them. If your kids haven't passed on the info, I am 12 weeks pregnant and recently had to have emergency surgery. Baby and I are doing fine, but I've been on bed rest since last Monday. I will return to school on Thursday if all goes well at the appointment tomorrow, so we are slightly stalling in class before we move on. The last thing to cover in this unit is a large lab where we create antibiotic resistant bacteria and I need to be there to get it all set up and going.

Once we make our superbugs, we will take our first test and then head into Sue's residual hearing loss from the meningitis infection. This is a relatively short unit because I'm hoping to get into epidemiology before the end of the month.

Hopefully you will be able to stop by and meet with me to talk about how your kids are doing at Parent Teacher conferences on 10/29. If not, feel free to email me with any questions you might have.

Be sure to check out pictures below, sorry there aren't many - being on bed rest inhibits my picture taking ability. :) There will be more in October.

Mrs. Weiss