Summer 2013: Bucket List

The Best Summer Ever


Since this is my last summer before college, I have decided to make the most of it! In order to do this I have made a bucket list. I am confident that I will be able to complete all of these items as well as some extra, unplanned items:)

The Official List

1) Graduate High School

2) Strawberry Picking

3) Blueberry Picking

4) Beach

5) College Shopping

6) Whale's Tale

7) Sam's Day Trips

8) Get a Laptop

9) Be Happy

10) Ride

11) Tan

12) Take Pictures

13) Ice Cream

14) Exercise

15) Read a Book

16) Make Pizza

17) Make Ice Cream

18) See Fireworks

19) Make a Photo Display for College

20) Scrapbook

21) Make a Scavenger Hunt

22) Be Light and Whimsical

23) Be willing to try new things

24) Cook with Sam

25) Go dancing with Sam

26) Bring the dogs to the Benedictine

27) Farmer's Market

28) Show Jim

29) Travel somewhere new

30) Journal

31) Hang out with the friend group

32) Go to the Beach Plum

32) Get beach pizza at Christie's

33) Yoga

34) Meditate

35) Jog

36) Walk the dogs

37) Abs

38) Pulpit Rock

39) Eat over at Mimi and GD's house

40) Go swimming in Hancock pond

41) Go for a boat ride

42) Explore in the brook

43) Have Sam and Steph up to Maine

44) Make Pretzel Bread

45) Maudsley Estate Trip

46) Fisher Cats Trip

47) Mount Washington Trip

48) Boston Trip

49) Marginal Way/York Beach Trip

June 15: Graduate High School

Finally! After four long years I have finally graduated high school! The graduation took place at 10 am in Bulldog Stadium. Directly after the graduation we had a party at the house. I am now officially ready to move on to Southern New Hampshire University:)

June 18: Hike South Uncanoonuc Mountain

I don't know where, but Sam had somehow heard of this little trail in Goffstown, NH. It was very steep, but only two miles long. The only downer was the fact that it started to rain on our way down..but it kept us cool:)

June 20: Pretzel Bread!

Sam and I made pretzel bread at my house, but this was not the pretzel bread we had made before. We still have to make that...hopefully soon!

June 21 (The Longest Day of the Year): Christie's Beach Pizza

Mom, Dad, and I ate beach pizza on the wall at Salisbury Beach.

June 22: Strawberry Picking at McQuesten Farm

One of my favorite summer activities ever is strawberry picking! My mom and I went with Auntie Holly, Nick, Delaney, Auntie Lisa, Jordan, and Sophie at 8:30 in the morning. Jordan hung out with us for the rest of the day, and that night the rest of them came back over our house for burgers and strawberry shortcake:)

June 25: SNHU Orientation

This item was not on my list, but it is def a cool thing I did thing I did this summer! The day had its ups and downs, but overall I made a lot of new friends, and learned a lot about signing up for classes which is very reassuring. I am in love with SNHU and I cannot wait to go in the fall.:)

June 26: Sign Up for Classes

It is finally real. I have signed up for my first semester of college classes. I am taking 3 honors classes and 3 regular classes for a total of 6 classes. The process of signing up was actually a very confusing one, but it is finally over and I am super excited to start.

June 26: Bowling

Monday, the 24th was Kate's birthday....and guess who showed up?? Glenn!!! So on Wednesday we decided that Sam, Kate, Glenn, Steph, Mat, and myself would go bowling as a sort of couples activity! It was a blast! Sam and I found out how bad we were at bowling;) Those balls are just too heavy for me!

June 27: Golfing

Sam thought it would be a cool idea to teach me how to golf. I honestly did not expect anything out of it, but Sam said I was actually a natural! I used his Mom's clubs and I had a great time! Golfing is not as boring as it appears to be.

June 29: Hilton Garden Inn for Dinner

Once again, Sam and his ideas.....hahahahaha.......So before tonight Sam told me that I needed to keep the night open, but he would not tell me why. So he surprised me by taking me to dinner at the Hilton Garden Inn overlooking Northeast Delta Dental Stadium. I got a barbecue chicken flatbread and Sam got a chicken caesar salad.

June 29: Fisher Cats Game

Following dinner Sam and I walked over to the stadium and watched the Fisher Cats game. We sat in section 102 in row M and seats 8 and 9. The Fisher Cats lost, but after the game we got to watch a fireworks show:)

June 30: Red Arrow Diner

As part of the Fisher Cats date, Sam brought me to the Red Arrow Diner in Manchester New Hampshire. We both got a slice of brownie cream pie....and OMG it was delicious!

July 2: Sam's Lesson on Jim

Even though Sam has ridden Jimmy a few times, this was his first official lesson on him. I have to say Jim was an absolute angel:) But what's new, right? Anyways, Sam got to practice halting, turning, circling, tacking up, and brushing Jim. He he also learned a lot of horse basics. Overall, Sam loved his lesson, and we have now decided that Sam will have lessons on Tuesdays.:)

July 4: Hampton Beach

For the fourth of July, Sam, Mom, Dad, and I decided to go to Hampton beach to see some fireworks. First, we got ice creams at the Beach Plum, then we went to North Beach. We hung out for a while before Sam and I met up with Jen on the wall in front of her beach house. There were lots of fireworks going on all around us that we watched. Jen and I talked while Sam took pictures. Later Jen drove us back to North Beach and we headed home.

Earlier on July 4th.....

Festive Drinks and Photo Shoots:)

July 5: Italian Night

Since Sam had a plethora of pictures to show us from his Italy trip, the Carkins decided to have us and the Stevens over for dinner for an Italian night. Prior to the dinner Sam spent many hours editing and rehearsing the slideshow he presented to us! It was great! We ate two types of pasta, one with a red meat sauce and the other with a pesto sauce. We also had brucetta, wine, salad, and gelato. This was also my first time drinking wine...ever! Overall, it was a great night:)

Earlier on July 5th.....

Tuscan Market!

July 6: Whales Tale

Originally, Sam had invited me, Mat, Steph, Kate, Brian, Reid, and Abby to go to the Whales Tale, but only me, Sam, Steph, Mat, and Brian went. It was still a blast! I did the lazy river, wave pool, Harpoon Express, pool, and hot tub. Later that night we came home and Sam and Steph ate dinner over.

July 7: Cookout at the O'Brien's

The O'Briens invited the Ouellette family, plus Sam and Steph, and the Cloughs over for a mini cookout in their backyard. We ate burgers and hot dogs for dinner with my mom's pasta salad, Lisa's macaroni salad, and chips. After dinner we roasted s'mores over their fire pit and then lit sparklers that Holly brought over. Before we left, Sam played "Imagine" on the piano for everyone. It was a good time with the family:)

July 10: Family Day!

Today was a wicked packed day! But it was all with family, so it was really fun. At 8:30, Lisa and the girls met us at our house, then we drove to Amesbury to pick up Nana and Grammy. We then proceeded to the a candy store called 'Yummies' in Kittery Maine. This was a blast because they literally have every kind of candy you can think of, including all of the old fashioned ones. Needless to say, we got A TON of candy. After the candy store, we headed to the 'Candy House', which is the name of the building in Portsmouth on Saunder's property that GD teaches in. We met up with Mimi, GD, Holly, and Delaney there and visited for a bit. Then we all left while GD taught his lesson and headed to the gardens at Strawberry Bank. Here, we all ate chicken salad sandwiches, watermelon and chips. We sat for a bit, then headed back to Nana's where we watched Safe Haven and ate sausage dish for dinner. Finally all of us except for Grammy, met at Holly's house for cake to celebrate her birthday. I headed home with Mom after a few hours and hung out with Sam before bed. What a day!

July 13-July 28: Maine

If I were to record everyday that I had in Maine, it would literally take me forever!! That is why I am just going to list everything that I did (to the best of my ability) over that past two weeks. Sam, Steph, Brian, the Cloughs, the O'Briens, and Nana visited, swimming, sand bar, snorkeling, plane ride, ice cream at Richard's, drive-in (Grown Ups 2), biking, tanning, abs, kyaking, Mat's spot, dog walking, dinner with Mimi and GD, boat rides, tubing, water skiing, sandy beach, sand pond, reading, floating on the tube, ATVing, play dates for the dogs, blueberry picking, shopping, and so much more that I can't even think of it all.

July 29: Laptop!

After much debate, I finally got my laptop in the mail! I ended up getting a Dell Inspiron 15R Special Edition. I love it:) As a matter of fact, I am typing on it right now!

July 31: Meeting the Roommates

Since I have 3 new roommates, all of them and I thought it would be a good idea to meet before college. So we met at the Mall of New Hampshire at 5 pm and ate dinner at Bertucci's. We discussed what we were all going to bring for college over dinner, shopped for an hour or so and went our separate ways.

August 1: Hermanos

Sam and I finally made it to Hermanos! We went up at 6:30 and got home around 9. I got the Burrito de Casa and a Shirley Temple, Sam got the Quesadilla de Marisco and a Blueberry soda, and we both ate the Hermanos Special Nachos for an appetizer. It was delicious:)

August 2: Marginal Way and Yummies

Today Sam and I drove up to the Marginal Way as part of Sam's planned day trips. As we walked along the Marginal Way, Sam taught me the basics of using his Mom's DSLR. We took lots of pics. On our way home we stopped at Yummies in Kittery where Sam bought chocolate covered pretzels and sour gummi poppers. We finally ended up at Sam's house where we ate dinner. After dinner we gave Jiminy a kiss.

August 8: Dorm Room Shopping

Today I did a lot of my college dorm room shopping! I purchased my bedding, a floor lamp, a storage unit, a fan and a few more necessities. Not to mention the shopping I did a few days ago where I got a mirror, a shower caddy, a trash can, and much more.

August 8: Tucker:)

Today I welcomed Tucker the beta into the Ouellette family. I bought him from Pet Supply Plus. In 24 days, he will become a resident of Tuckerman Hall at SNHU.

August 8: Homemade Ice Cream

As kind of a whimsical idea, Sam and I decided to make ice cream at 9 o'clock at night! It was wicked fun....and easy!! All we did was combine sugar, vanilla extract, and milk and shake them in a bag with ice and salt. And the best part was it only took 5 minutes! To top our ice cream off, we added whipped cream and chocolate sauce:)

August 9: Ice Cream with the Friend Group

Sam, Kate, Jen, and I went to Goldenrod's in Manchester to get ice cream! It was fun:)

August 22: Whoopie Pie

Last night Sam and I made a whoopie pie cake (Kate watched haha). I don't know why, but I had been craving baking something, so we decided on a whoopie pie. It was wicked fun and whimsical. After we ate our delicious creation, Sam and I watched, For a Good Time, Call. It was really funny!