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Middle of Year Benchmark FAQ

Middle of Year Benchmark FAQs

The Middle of Year Benchmark Test window is now open. For this reason, we wanted to provide information about the assessment. Please read through the section below to find answers to frequently asked Middle of Year Benchmark Test questions.

Middle of Year Benchmark FAQs

1. Can I assign or turn on the assessment for my students?

No, the assessment cannot be enabled by teachers. The assessment is enabled by an Imagine Learning representative.

2. When will my student be able to take the middle of year benchmark assessment?

The SDPBC suggested testing window is from December 3rd - 21st. Students are eligible 93 days after completing the Beginning of Year Benchmark/Initial Placement Test. The majority of students will be eligible during the suggested window. However, there are students that will not become eligible until after the new year. The test is enabled and will become active for students as meet eligibility requirements. If you have specific questions, contact your area coordinator.

3. What happens if my student reaches 93 days in the program after the middle of year benchmark assessment window has ended?

If the student does not meet the eligibility requirements, he/she will not be able to take the Middle of Year Benchmark but will continue on his/her pathway.

4. How long should I plan for my students to complete the middle of year benchmark assessment?

The assessment is adaptive based on student performance and should be completed within 1-2 sessions (30-60 minutes). If the session ends before the assessment is completed, the student will continue where they left off during his/her next sessions.

5.How will I know my student is completing the assessment and not just an activity?

Students will be informed that they are taking a test. Booster will say “This is a test, do your best.”

6. Will the program provide language assistance to students while they are completing the assessment?

If the student’s languages were edited, the students will hear the instructions in their home language.

7. Why is the assessment not appearing for my student?

Students will see the Middle of Year Benchmark assessment 93 days after they took their Beginning of Year Benchmark/Initial Placement Test.

8. How will I know when my students have completed the benchmark assessment?

Administrators and teachers can monitor student performance in their Imagine Learning portal. The best report to use to determine if students completed or have not started the assessment would be the Benchmark – Performance report that is found under the Growth section.

9. Do student benchmark tests expire?

Yes. The benchmark test will expire if the student takes more than 28 days calendar days to complete the assessment. We highly recommend that the test is completed between 1 to 2 sessions. If the benchmark tests expires, the student will continue on his/her lesson pathway, but will not have a benchmark score.

10. What do I do with the benchmark assessment results?

Next Steps:

Check student usage levels. Low or inconsistent student usage may result in lower overall performance. Click the Usage tab to review weekly usage.

Use the Action Areas tool to intervene. Lower overall performance may signal a need for guided practice. Use the Action Areas tool to identify if students are struggling and intervene with them at least once a week.