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August 21, 2020

Braeside Elementary School 2020-2021

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Welcome Back Message

Braeside Reopening Town Halls for Parents

The following town halls are being offered to give parents a chance to join Principal Hailpern for some intro to the interesting year ahead, ask questions, and get a sense of the order in place ahead of in person learning. These are optional and are built in a webinar format so that information can be shared. Questions will be opened so that participants can pose questions during the session. Links to each session are below and will open up at the scheduled date and time. All passwords are Bobcats.

Wednesday, August 26 @ 8:00 p.m. - Link to Webinar Password: Bobcats

Thursday, August 27 @ 1:00 p.m. - Link to Webinar Password: Bobcats

Friday, August 28 @ 9:00 a.m. - Link to Webinar Password: Bobcats


Starting the year with us virtually? We have organized everything you need to kick off the year in fine fashion and will have it ready for pick up this Thursday between 12:00-2:00 p.m. If this does not work for your schedule, fear not! Just call the office and let us know a good time and we will arrange for the materials to be placed in your trunk in our drive up service.

For those coming on Thursday, pick up will take place in the south staff parking lot, nearest the US MAP. You will drive up, wait for the materials to be brought out to you and we will place them in your car. There will be no contact.

Everyone else will receive these at home materials on the first day of school and bring them home.

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Arrival to School

Beginning of the day drop-off


  • Before School drop-off begins at 8:30 for Kindergarten - 5th grade.

  • Students arriving by bus are greeted by a staff member everyday and brought to their cohort gathering location.

  • Students arriving by car should exit curbside at the Drop Off locations noted in red on the map below.

  • Students arriving by foot should walk along the school perimeter to the Gathering Location noted in the map below for the appropriate grade level.


  • Staff will greet students arriving by bus and car at the curbside and direct students to the gathering location.
  • Parents arriving by car SHOULD NOT park or exit the car. Staff will receive your child and walk them to the grade level gathering location noted below. Have multiple kids? You may drop off your kids at the single youngest drop off location and have your older student walk to their gathering site.
  • Parents walking students to school must remain at the perimeter sidewalk and drop off students nearest their gathering location.

End of the day pick-up


  • Student riding the school bus will be gathered inside the building prior to the end of the day and walked by staff to board the buses.


  • Those picking students up via a car will pick up students in the same location as the drop off location in the morning. Have multiple kids? Send your older student to gather and wait with the younger sibling.


  • Using the locations in red below as a reference, students in grades 2-5 should make a plan to meet along the perimeter close to or near the grade level location along the perimeter of the school property.


  • The inner ring in front of the school has been a common waiting location for parents in the nicer weather months. We need to continue to keep this space clear of all adults so that teachers can utilize this space the first weeks of school while we hone these new procedures. If adults are inside the perimeter walkway they will be asked to move, however, the flow of arrival and dismissal may have already been impeded.


In order to prevent the extended removal of masks, we cannot allow snacks or meals at school. We strongly encourage families to ensure that their child has a full breakfast or lunch before coming to school. In addition, we will have a “to go” option for families that need support with meals. We will continue to support families with food insecurity. Should your child have a medical condition that requires snacks, please collaborate with the building administrator and nurse for accommodation. Every student should bring a clean and full water bottle to school each day to limit the need to leave the room. Please label the water bottle with your child’s name.

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Masks are one of our most important safety measures. All students and staff must wear a protective mask that is properly fitting and that covers both the mouth and nose. Please include an extra mask in your child’s chromebook case case or ina. ziploc bag in case they need to change their mask during the day. Disposable masks should be replaced daily, and reusable masks must be washed after every use. Parents should wear a mask anytime that they exit their car on the property. If your family is struggling to provide masks for your child, please collaborate with your school principal or nurse for support.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, visitors are not permitted at school. At this time, volunteers of any kind are not permitted. We will continue to hold IEP and Section 504 meetings virtually to protect the health of our families and staff. Please do not linger on the parking lot or playground.

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In addition to other safety measures in place, we are encouraging social distancing at all times. Students will be sitting six feet apart in classrooms facing the same direction, and there will be plexiglass dividers between students when that is not possible. Signage has been installed throughout the building to remind students about social distancing and arrows are in the halls for directionality. We have enhanced our arrival and dismissal procedures to limit the number of students at any one door. Hand sanitizer is available in every classroom for student and staff use, and additional handwashing stations have been provided at each building. Water fountains that do not have bottle filling stations have been turned off to discourage their use. All classrooms in use during the day will be cleaned between the morning and afternoon sessions, and overnight by sanitation specialists.


Due to the social distancing and mitigation strategies being deployed in each building, we are asking students to limit what they bring to school. In the opening days of school students will be provided supplies and instructional materials to keep at home. They will also have a similar set kept at school. As such the only thing that needs to be brought to school is the school issued IPAD or Chromebook and water bottle. Everything else should be part of their daily wardrobe, including a face mask.


The Braeside PTO is excited for the start of the school year, even with it looking a little different this year.

You can now register your children with the PTO to gain access to the directory. This is done on the website. The fee is typically $30 per child, which includes classroom parties, the Yearbook, field day t-shirts and access to the directory. Due to circumstances this year, we have decided to suspend the fee so all families have access to the Paperless PTO App and are able to receive all communications from the PTO. It is extremely important that everyone register so they receive PTO communications.

To register you must first either:

1. Update your current students by going to My Account - My Students and choosing under teacher/- Braeside and clicking save (it should have updated the grade for each student). You can add additional students with the add new student at the bottom; or

2. If you are new to Braeside, you need to go to create your account on the left side of the home page and follow the steps. Once your account is created, you should go to My Account - My Students and click add new students. Enter all the information including under teacher - Braeside and click save.

Once you register go to Braeside PTO Home - then My Account. Under For Sale go to Membership and Directory App. Each of your students should show up and you must put a 1 next to all of your students and click add to cart and then checkout. It will show up as $0 fee and no payment will be asked for. You will then get two emails, one with a receipt and one with your registration key.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out by replying to this email.


Carly and Janea