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Week of November 5, 2018

What will you learn about the world by sharing stories from your life & the lives of others?

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Lesson Plans DUE

Monday, Nov. 5th, 8am

Bullock School

  • To the Gr1 Team: My Chat & Chew block is during your lunch period this week. If you would to dialog about any of our initiatives, share questions or just have a laugh...let me know!
  • Our 5-minute Morning Mindfulness sessions take place daily! All are invited...the fun starts at 7:45 in the Media Center!

Gr1 Team Meeting

Monday, Nov. 5th, 3-4pm

Demo Room

  • "Trauma" Article Book-talk
  • PLT (Professional Learning Team) Updates: FUNdations & Eureka Math
  • Rowan PDS Updates

Veterans Day Celebration

Wednesday, Nov. 7th, 11am-12pm

Media Center

  • Do you know a veteran? Have them sign up for our Veterans Day Celebration by clicking here! Veterans are invited to visit our first through third grade students for a Q&A session, and to read with our students. International Club students will host a luncheon for our veterans from 11-12 noon.

CAST Meetings

Wednesday, Nov. 7th, 9am-2pm

Small Conference Room

Collaborative Academic Support Team

School Closed - NJEA Convention

Thursday, Nov. 8th, 8:30am to Friday, Nov. 9th, 2:30pm

Home Sweet Home

The Principal's POV on...Consequences & SEL, Part 3

Whenever student misbehavior is discussed, the conversation quickly turns to a school's "code of conduct" and the consequences that are included within. While this is an essential piece to promoting consistency for our students and families, we can only expect consequences to help us manage student behavior in the short-term & assist us in putting out "little fires" as they pop-up. However, one simple fact remains: consequences will not teach students the skills and strategies that they need to change their behavior...and this where our #EverydaySEL strategies come in!

In reviewing student misbehavior through our ODR (Office Discipline Referral) process, we find that outbursts fall into two categories: 1) the student responded to a stimulus inappropriately, or 2) the student just exploded "out of nowhere." In both cases, the student is actually responding to a powerful stimulus (one external, one internal), putting the amygdala in charge. Practicing SEL & mindfulness regularly (when the conditions are right), will allow students to build their capacity to tap into these skills when they are upset and allow them to respond appropriately rather than simply reacting.

Take a moment to review the graphic below and reflect on any proactive behavior management strategies you utilize throughout the school day. How/when are you infusing mindfulness into these routines? How is this impacting engagement and student behavior? After all, taking a moment to breathe is much better than taking several moments (or more, in most cases) when a student enters fight or flight mode. Thank you for a fantastic week & don't forget to share your thoughts via social media, during a Chat & Chew, or as we pass in the hall!

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The Principal's Point of View

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News & Notes

South Jersey Food Bank: Don't forget about our South Jersey food bank fundraiser. Money is due by 11/13 and dress down week is 11/13-11/16. Thanks!

Concert Changes: Both the 1st grade holiday show and the 3rd grade honors choir will now be performing on Wednesday, December 5th, rather than on the original dates...please adjust your calendars! Times are listed below.

  • Gr1 Holiday Show: 9:30 AM
  • Honors Choir Concert: 7:00 PM

November PLT Presentations: To our Read Aloud & Writing grade level PLT's...don't forget to book your release day! If you have any questions about what to present or how to structure your day, just let me know!

Bullock Meeting Minutes

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You're the Best...Quotes from the Staff!

  • Gracias a Senora Castro para su interpretation skills. Mi espanol es muy mal, pero esta una rockstar!
  • First Grade- We make an amazing pumpkin patch!
  • Miss Suzanne & Miss M-Thank you for all your help with everything!
  • Buttercup-Thanks for always listening-WCB!
  • Joan and Carol- You did a fantastic job running the office on Halloween!!!
  • Thank you Joan and Carol for being so amazing and supportive. So thankful for our friendship -Missy
  • Rita & Masso- I couldn’t ask for better neighbors
  • Thank you Nicole for helping out on Wednesday.
  • To Amanda; It was great brainstorming with you. Send me your bill $$
  • To Carol and Joan: one word- “invaluable”
  • Thank you for helping with my benchmarks last week, Lynn!
  • Laure- thank you for making the rocket posters for the second grade team. What a great surprise!
  • Tag, thank you for initiating that tough conversation with a parent. Your insight is invaluable and I’m so glad the desired outcome was achieved.
  • Thanks for allowing my class just to visit and observe rocket math, Dave and Kassie. I appreciate you taking the time to go over it with me.
  • Thanks to Castro for your willingness to always help out and thanks for covering my class at the last minute.
  • Thanks for the Halloween cheer cookies! They were super cute and yummy!
  • Donna…Thank you for being you. Little Nugget had a blast!
  • Baby Boo…You’re an incredible friend and partner. Thank you for being there & being so wonderfully supportive. No amount of chicken nuggets can thank you for that!

Schoolwide Events

Community events/reminders are in bold.

  • 11/07: Veterans Day Celebration
  • 11/08: School Closed NJEA Convention
  • 11/09: School Closed NJEA Convention
  • 11/12: School Closed Veteran's Day
  • 11/19: Bulldog Buddies/SEL Meeting
  • 11/21: 1:00 Dismissal
  • 11/22: School Closed Thanksgiving (11/22, 23)
  • 11/26: Gr1 Team Meeting
  • 11/27: Gr2 Team Meeting
  • 11/28: Gr3 Team Meeting & Parent Workshop
  • 11/29: Special Areas Meeting

Happy Birthday!

  • Ms. Alleman - 10/31
  • Ms. Perry - 11/9
  • Mr. Mangino - 11/19
  • Mr. Bittner - 11/22
  • Ms. Giroux - 11/27
  • Ms. Raynor - 11/30