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All About them

  • The Coahulitecans (pronounced koh•ah•weel•TAY•kahn) lived on the South Texas Plains where water was hard to find and scrubby plants were always found.
  • Coahulitecans used bows and arrows for hunting small and large animals such as deer or armadillos.
  • The Coahulitecans were hunters, gatherers, and fishers (when they could find streams)
  • The Coahulitecans had to move from time to time to find more water and food.
  • The food that they ate was fruit from the prickly pear cactus, mesquite beans , nuts, and tubers, which are root vegetable
  • The Coahulitecans held dances at religious ceremonies led by the Shaman. They also had mitotes which were all night parties