Ms. Spurgeon's 3rd Grade Pride

We fit together like a perfect symphony!

The Pride Chronicles Sept. 2014

Hamjambo (Hello) and Karibu (Welcome)!

  • Quote of the month: We've had bad luck with our kids — they've all grown up. ~Christopher Morley

  • Thank You! I want to say thank you for joining us at our Parent Curriculum Breakfast! It was great seeing you all again.

  • Progress Reports: Progress reports are in the Monday folder. Please sign and return the envelope. As always if you have any questions please feel free to call or email me.

  • Picture Day: Say Cheese! Picture day is September 25th. Please plan accordingly.

  • Scholastic Readers: In your Monday folder you will find a scholastic reader. If you would like to place an order please return the form and money by Friday, Sept. 26th. If you cannot order this time no worries, another catalog will go home in October. Thank You.

  • Assessments: We will have various assessments throughout the school year, starting this week. As always, please make sure your child gets a good night's sleep and breakfast.

  • Volunteers Wanted: Now that we are in the "swing of things," we would love to have you. Let me know if you are interested and when you are available. Thank You!
  1. Guest/Mystery Readers
  2. Classroom helpers (cutting, pasting, etc.)
  3. Field Trip Chaperons

  • Wish List: For those of you who can and will, we need snack and sandwich sized zip lock bags. Thank you!

  • ·Homework: Homework is in the form of a menu. Homework should take a total of about 30 minutes each night. Each night students should read (20 minutes), complete and spelling and math item. Last week we set a goal of how many class stars we wanted to get as a class and we reached our goal!

· Communicating: You can reach in a variety of ways. You can send notes or email me. I can be reached by email at or phone at 706.543.2676 ext. 38336.

· SNACK: Thank you to those of you who chose to sign up for snack and for sending in NUT FREE snacks. Remember if you would like to send your child with a individual healthy snack choice, feel free to do so.

· REMINDER: Changes in how your child gets home: All changes in how your child will get home must be in writing. Please note the change in policy that I can no longer accept changes in how we go home via email. Thank You.

· This Month: We month we will think, learn and work on the following.

- Find out who is Allen Say. Look closely at his illustrations and writing style.

- Add, subtract and round within 1000.

- Explore, engage and investigate rocks and fossils.

My door is always open. Until next time,

- J. Spurgeon

Learning is an Adventure!

Our Schedule.......Come on In!

1. Schools starts at 7:45am. Students are allowed into Barrow school at 7:20.

2. Recess is 11:45-12:15 daily.

3. Our lunch time is 12:18-12:38 daily. Due to our late lunch time, students have the option of having a healthy snack each day.

4. Students cannot get checked out of school after 2:15.