Limited Edition (The 12 Genres)

By: Harry Yee

1) Fantasy

Fantasy fiction is a plot that could not happen in real life. Often, the plot involves magic or witchcraft and takes place on another planet or another dimension of this world. Most often place is medieval in tone (some combination of the architecture, clothing, language, and technology resembles the European Middle Ages.) Many times, the plot also involves mythical creatures or talking animals and witches or sorcerers.

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2) Thriller

The thriller genre is a category with tales of excitement, suspense, and high melodrama. It often overlaps with crime, adventure, characteristics of the thriller genre often include a lone protagonist or small group of heroes opposed by a vastly superior enemy while pursuing an overriding quest or objective. Thrillers appear in virtually every form of narrative and sometimes include elements of science fiction, mystery or horror.

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3) Science Fiction

Science fiction has a story that uses science and technology. Science fiction has a relationship with science. It should not be completely unbelievable. Science fiction books often take place in the future, in different worlds and planets, in space, even in some lands that you have never seen before!

4) Realistic Fiction

Realistic Fictions are stories that sound very real like it actually happened, but it still is a made up stories. It says it in the word, realistic fiction. Fiction means face and realistic means sounds real.

5) Adventure

Adventure means it has a story where you have to go somewhere risky and also have fun. It is kind of like a risky or playful adventure.

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6) Autobiography

Autobiography means self, life, and write in greek meaning. It talks about the story of the author because he or she wanted to write about herself.

7) Historical Fiction

This genre is fiction. It is a story usually set historical places and times. Some facts are true but most of them are not true. Most of the time, there are famous people in the story. Example of historical fiction: Bud, Not Buddy.

8) Mystery

Mystery is a fiction genre. It's where any people solve cases, problems, crimes etc. Smart ways of thinking, strategies and basically define it logic, are really used in mystery novels.
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9) Biography

It is many details and important parts of a persons life. It is written by someone else.

10) Memoir

A memoir is a nonfiction genre. It is memories that an individual writes about moments or events, both public or private that took place in the author's life. Memoirs are written in the persons point of view.
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A romance is a love story in which the focus is on the development of the love relationship between the lead character and a love interest. The romance itself is the key to the story, as is the emotional engagement of the reader. The book should have a happy or satisfying ending.

12) Humor

The main goal of this genre is to make the reader laugh. They are often combined with other genres such as romance and action/adventure.