Night Of The Twisters

BY Ivy Ruckman

What a scary night

The main characters are Dan,Arthur,Stacey,Ryan,Mom,Minerva,Mrs.Smiley,Grandpa,Grandma,and,Dad

One problem is there where at least two tornadoes that hit there houses or around them.One solution was Dan and his family found each other.Another problem was Dan can't find his family.The other solution for the tornado was the next day mostly all his family was safe and sound at grandpa's farm.


In the story two tornadoes happened. They both hit at different times of that night.When they had to leave there neighborhood the police officers asked for volunteers to go to houses to see if any one is stuck or heart so Dan and Arthur and Stacey volunteered to do it so they could go to Mrs.Smiley's house.The boys finally got to Mrs.Smiley's house and then they got in her house and started calling her name but she did not answer they called again she didn't answer.So now the boys worked there way down there one at a time the boys suddenly heard a sound and it was a Mrs.Smiley snoring.In the end they found each other and lived a happy life.


1.The capital of Grand Nebraska is Lincoln.

2.The story took place in Grand Island Nebraska.

3.There are 93 contents in Grand Island Nebraska.