Theisen Band

By Noah Habeck

Tigers Den

One of the biggest fundraisers that's going on is the Tiger's Den. That's right, the Tigers Den actually funds the school's band! Treats there range from 25 cents to one dollar.

Citrus Sale

During first semester, you have the option to sell in the citrus sale. In the citrus sale, you sell juice oranges, grapefruit, tangelos, and navel oranges.

Monday - Friday Lessons

When you are in band, practice is key to success! Depending on which instrument you play, you will have to come in during Tiger Time. During these lessons, you will practice upcoming concert songs, or get assessed on a piece for your overall band grade.

Before or After School

If you have trouble with a song, you always have the option to come in before or after school. During this time you can work on a specific spot of a song in an upcoming concert, or "Solo and Ensemble" that you can work on.

Middle-Level (Solo and Ensemble)

Our nearest event that is related to band is the "Solo and Ensemble" coming in March. In this event, students will preform solos and anything else, ranging from duets, trios, or even a quartet. A gold medal will be given to advanced students, silver for proficient students, and bronze to basic students.