Mrs. Landry's Little Leaders

Learning & Growing Together in PK4

Welcome Back!

I hope everyone had a nice long labor day weekend, even in the rain. This is your first monthly news letter. We are looking forward to coming together and teaching your child , our goal is to teach with compassion, and instill a love of learning in all our students. It has been a pleasure to get to know you and your child these past few weeks!

Last week we focused on learning the school and class expectations and routines. We focused on The word Leader and Habit #1.

The Leader In Me

"As you teach these principles to young students, you will be creating a generation of leaders, one child at a time." Stephen R. Covey

Words We Are Introducing

  • compassion
  • character
  • self respect
  • initiative

Big picture

September Happenings

September 5th - Popsicle on the playground

September 7th -Breakfast with Grandparents

September 11th PTA general meeting noon

September 12th - Clear Lake High school Homecoming parade

September 13th - Book Orders Due

Book Orders

Class Code


September 14th - Voyagers Night - CLHS Homecoming Game

September 26th - Picture Day

September 28th - Spirit Day

Thematic Units

August 21 - September 15 SCHOOL IS FOR ME!
Leader in me (school expectations)
Welcome to school

Me and my Friends

September 20 -October 12 ALL ABOUT ME
My Home and Community

Books We Are Reading
Sarasota County Library - A Splendid Friend, read by Suzanne Bloom
Owen by Kevin Henkes. Grandma Annii's Storytime


  • Listening Skills- We are working on being respectful listeners. Showing understanding of new language being spoken.
  • Communication skills - Child initiates problem-solving strategies and seeks adult help when necessary.
  • We are learning that words have meaning. We are using labels to show how words and objects relate.
  • Academic Vocabulary - listen, ask, answer, story, understand, point, picture, book, turn, partner, fast, slow, game, song, finger-play, remember, favorite, same, different, talk, choose, list, sign, purpose, happen, before, after, puppet
  • Letter Knowledge - Ll, Oo, Bb, Mm,
  • Phonological Awareness - Syllables, alliteration and Rhyming
  • Shared and independent reading
  • Print Concepts - Hold book right side up , turning pages correctly / tracking print - where to start, top to bottom, left to right with return sweep.
  • For Songs visit

Practice naming letters at home using the link below.


  • Matt Man - Helps us draw a person with several parts
  • Our names with only the first letter capitalized
  • Independent writing / drawing to communicate
* ourselves in school with our friends * pets *what we want to learn in school

* our homes and family

  • Handwriting - magic c turns into o, always start letters at the top

If you have an iPad you can practice at home - ABC Buddy (iPad APP)


  • Calendar - graphing the weather, rote counting 1-30,Number Recognition
  • shapes matching
  • making sets 1 - 6
  • AB Patterns

Social Skills

  • Understanding that others have different perspectives & feelings from our own.
  • Acclimating to the school environment , learning rules and routines so our class can flow smoothly.
  • How to be a compassionate & respectful friend

Classroom Rules

Classroom Rules

Pre-K Team