Monday Magic Newsletter

Monday, January 8th

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KJ Family-

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We had a remarkable time with the PULSE company at Sky Ranch this past weekend. The passion that was poured into these dancers this weekend was so impactful. At KJ we are committed to providing dancers at all levels topnotch curriculum and instruction in the studio, but we are just as devoted to helping develop their character and instilling in them #thekjway. The dancers that attended Sky Ranch this weekend will look back on this time for years to come! A special thank you to Brian, Katey, Emily, Megan, Colby and a HUGE thank you to Audrea for organizing and planning our time together. Thank you all for coaching these girls and for your leadership at KJ! You truly make a difference in these dancers' lives.

CONGRATS on your Engagement COLBY!!

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Attendance in ALL Classes

ALL teachers, please double and triple check your attendance lists this week. If someone has not attended the past 2 classes, you will need to make a phone call to the family. If someone is attending your class, and is not on the roll, it is IMPERATIVE you make a note in the attendance note section in Studio Director. All measurements and costume ordering is directly linked to Studio Director this year, so please make sure all students in your classes are accounted for. This includes non PULSE dancers attending PULSE classes and vice versa. We need to know with 100% accuracy who is taking what classes.

Thanks for helping keep tight notes on attendance.

Costume Measurements

Measuring for costumes is wrapping up. There are a few people who are in charge of measuring this year, and we thank you ahead of time for your patience while they slip in and measure your dancers. Measurements should be completely finished by the end of January. Costumes are being finalized and orders are being placed very soon.

Mark your Calendars:

February 12th- Next KJ Staff Meeting-Time and place TBD

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