beautiful city,ancient history,clear ocean

El salvador's delights

For breakfast enjoy one of the delicious dishes called sopa de res which is soft meat with soup which will make your day.This amazing plate of god like food that you can eat but were just scratching the surface of all great foods.But make sure that you have all the time to try these amazing foods.

El salvadors great weather

dry season and tropical season are both beautiful in el salvador if it's dry season go to the coast and if it's tropical season also go to the coast it's great does not matter if its dry and tropical still go to El salvador.

El salvadors language

El salvador has 2 most spoken languages which is spanish which comes from Mexico.They have one language that is not often spoken El salvador which is caliche but spanish is not a problem when it comes to El salvador there is always somebody that speaks english.

El salvadors land marks

There are many land marks in El salvador like the temples there are mountains that you can climb and see amazing sights and and if you don't like sights go to western El salvador were the aztec temple and and you're able to climb all the 91 steps come on march 21 where you're able to witness the snake on the pyramid.

el salvador amazing history

If you're the type of person that likes ancient civilization el salvador will fill your mind with history facts one big thing when it comes to el salvador is the mayan and the aztecs they created brilliant things that will amaze you like the ancient temples if you explore these amazing things come to el salvador and make your life a whole lot better

El salvador activities

There are many amazing things to do in el salvador sight seeing is one of the great activities or you can go swimming around the coast then you can go hill climbing most of the activities are amazing things.