Ch15 004: Field Report Slideshow

Create a Field Report Powerpoint of your Survey Results


You will create a field report slideshow that presents your findings from the Google Form survey you created for chapter 13.

  • You may complete this on Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides
  • Presentations are due on Friday.

Structure of Slideshow

  1. Introductory slide with survey name and your name
  2. Goal of the survey, number of people surveyed, problems with survey
  3. Results of your demographics.
  4. Results of each of your questions.
  5. Conclusion slide with 3-4 conclusions you can make on your topic based on your results.

See Mrs. P's Sample Below

Technology to Make This Easier

  • I will guide you through installing the Chrome extension "Awesome Screenshot." This will allow you to take a picture of the charts of your survey results so you don't need to recreate charts.
  • Instead of presenting to the class, you may also have option of recording your presentation with the Chrome extension Screencastify

When You're Finished

  • If you plan to present your slideshow to the class in a live presentation, either share the Google slideshow presentation with me OR upload the PowerPoint file to the assignment page on Google Classroom.
  • If you choose to do a screencast, you'll either email me the link to the final screencast or copy/paste it to Google Classroom.