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Join CSD Connected Learners

Rachel and I set up a professional learning network through Google+, titled CSD Connected Learners. It is a collective learning place for educators in the Cedarburg School District to collaborate, share and discuss best practice, new ideas innovations, instructional technology, and explorations with colleagues.

Please click on your Google+ account, associated with your school gmail account, and join our community! You may have to search for the community, CSD Connected Learners. But don't stop there, share and explore!

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My Latest Tech Crush - Try it!

New presentation software PowToons and #Slides

Presentation Frustration Survey Results clip

PowToons Slides Sneak Peek clip

If this is too much for you, but you still need something better than PowerPoint, you could also consider HaikuDeck, for iPad and the Web.


We have a ton of great new books (print and eBook format), I would love to find ways to get them into your students hands and hearts. Offering kids a choice for independent reading is difficult and I can help. A suggested book list to go with the theme of your whole class novel is one easy way to start connecting curriculum. I'd be thrilled to help generate lists based on your topic or genre.

We are working on a display of books that explores the obstacles and triumphs of various people. Look for it later this week.

Please consider scheduling a book checkout for your class, anytime. Our block schedule expert talked about how their classes come to the IMC for a regular scheduled book checkout and reading time during their block. But why wait for block schedule, get the kids here now. ;-)


We just received the new Swivl!!!!!! How cool is that?!

I am currently learning how to use it and can help you with . . .

Flipped Classroom

Swivl lower the barriers to trying out this innovative new teaching technique. You can simply deliver lessons the way you always have on whiteboards and slides and turn them into sharable, measureable learning content.

Prof. Development

Improve the effectiveness of professional development by increasing the regularity of review and feedback by mentors and administrators. Teacher directed, regular video of the class turns PD into a collaboration.

Student Projects

There is no better way to learn skills than to see and hear yourself. Provide students with a low-anxiety path to start using video to capture presentations, collaboration, and skills for learning new things.

Watch the brief video below for more info.

Flipped Video introduces Swivl. (Narrated)


Budget cuts made it necessary for me to cut some of the less frequently used databases. If you are looking for substitutes, let me know; really good alternate resources are available.

Aren't sure of what the CHS IMC has to offer? Email me, and let's set up a time to show you.


I have been working hard to update the new CHS IMC webpages and think I'm finished. No work is ever truly finished, but at this point there are a ton of great resources to use and share with students. Invite me to your class to show your students what's new.

Take a look . . . CHS IMC Database tab

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Newest IMC Exhibit/Display - Berlin Wall

In recognition of the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, CHS German students have created their own Berlin Wall project which is on display in the IMC through this Friday. Please stop by some time this week and check out their work!

Coming Soon!

After school PD Sessions

Various topics, more info coming soon!